hellfire ring parts

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User Info: Taylormullins

3 years ago#1
Looking for some one to run me through n guaruntee me a piece drop I have vengeful eye and writhing spine and I can give 500,000 gold if need be. But if any one can help me add me on live gt: xx iceman v or let me know on here
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User Info: D3phaultID

3 years ago#2
You're not getting any takers so I will chime in. I should be a last resort cuz I don't get on that much lately with a new baby at home. But feel free to add me and if you're lucky enough to catch me on, I have plenty of machines and I will take you through an uber run.
Da Real 47

User Info: DanBourne

3 years ago#3
I can't do m5. But m3 is ok in party. I have few machines and wouldn't mind a few more parts.

The hard part is always finding group to run with.

User Info: IksarMonk

3 years ago#4
I always get kicked when I try to join a random PUG but I can't hold my own as a monk in M5. I do great in M3 though.

I have one key and two parts and would love to join.
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User Info: XtremeEXCALIBER

3 years ago#5
My Gamertag is in my signature I can run master 5 with my barbarian no problem.
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