First Time Hardcore Player In Need Of Help

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User Info: codehunter87

3 years ago#1
Normally, I avoid playing Hardcore because I am extremely anxious about the idea of losing an entire character for one death. However, it's my last achievement to go, so I started one, but I am not making gold or materials for crafting very quickly, and I keep having to leave behind items in the shops that would help improve my gear. Currently level 13 with a DH and have not gotten the Templar yet, afraid to make much progress yet in dread of losing the file from a cheap loss.

I'm not asking someone to power-level me, give me ungodly (and probably modded) gear, or cheat me to the end or anything, I just need a few thousand gold to help me afford better gear and maybe upgrading the blacksmith. Later I'll probably ask for gems to help socket my gear, but I'm not inclined to ask for it when I may not even get far enough for it to matter if I get killed on the way.

I won't necessarily say NO to other forms of help, but I'm really just in need of a bit of gold to help me right now.
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User Info: DanBourne

3 years ago#2
I hated hc. Lol. Took me 5 characters to get to level 30. I'm dreading the hc level 70 achievement in uee.

My only advice is to play easy. And I found monk better cause of better earlier skills.

User Info: IksarMonk

3 years ago#3
I got to 15 and died and haven't gotten back into it yet. I figure if/when I get all that glitters I will try again. Good luck Forte!
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User Info: xxlordnosferatu

3 years ago#4
Don't be afraid of death. That's what hardcore mode is all about. It took 5 different Barbs before I finally got one to 60. But after each death, the next one I made was a little better off.

As far as advice goes, stash any decent gear you find or craft. Don't upgrade all lower tier gems. Try to keep your main stat and vitality as close as possible. Once you make it to Hell and beyond find/craft gear with Resist All.

Good luck!
I'll try harder tomorrow.

User Info: MastRs_ApRnTice

3 years ago#5
Not to brag but I haven't lost one yet. One life to live. No need to rush. That's the best advice, take your time. You go charging in and will quickly find out how fragile you really are.
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User Info: codehunter87

3 years ago#6
Just an update, I have the gold, but I'd like some gems now, I finally started getting items with sockets. Don't have the Jewelcrafter yet though, so I can't craft my own, so if anyone has decent gems on hardcore they could lend me, I'd be grateful. Currently just looking for a ruby or amethyst for a helmet.
GT Forte Baroque

User Info: xXDeviiLXx

3 years ago#7
If you're playing on Easy it's not really that difficult especially when you're stacking Vit evenly with Dex and there really is no reason not to play on Easy for this achievement.

Demon Hunter was a smart choice IMO, I haven't done hardcore but if I did it would certainly be with a DH. Make sure you have an escape skill (Vault is great) and I like caltrops to slow down mobs. DH has the best escape skills so when things get hairy or you see that freeze bomb about to hit, you can Vault out and potion.

Really though on Easy mode you just need to watch bosses and make sure you watch the mobs that use reflect damage, drop the lasers or other AoE attacks that do a lot of DoT (damage over time) because those moves will kill you fast. If you see your health dropping fast always have Vault or something ready that you can escape with by reflex and potion, even on the lowest difficulty it's easy to not notice you're standing in gas/fire that's draining you fast.

Horde as many crafting materials as possible and you'll be good, don't be scared to redo a quest for crafting level up materials to get some new craftable gear for your level if your gear starts really falling behind.
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User Info: Rokzar

3 years ago#8
If you see me on Forte I have some gems for you.

I never had a problem though, just dont stand in stuff and move away from heavy hitting mobs. I personally just wreck stuff before most of that can happen though haha.

Like Devil said use slows and your vault as a DH. Though once you have a few good gems you'll blast thru anything
GT: Rokzar

User Info: nofxnofx

3 years ago#9
I'm working on my DH hardcore characters at the moment, playing on easy. Level 21 currently and in Act 2. It's been a breeze so far, with one nasty moment. I stupidly ran in for Zoltan's head to try and get the challenge for under 120 secs, and forgot that a boss spawns on you. Health dropped quickly from some mob projectiles that hit at the same time as the surprise golem punch. I was lucky.

I am annoyed with myself that I haven't been stashing my better drops as I have been going along incase something goes wrong.

I hope this guy gets to 60, but if not it doesn't take long.

User Info: nofxnofx

3 years ago#10
Oh and the DH has a great skill that allows you to get 15% of damage as life for a set time. If my health even flickers I press X and top it back up.
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