Looking for someone to play Diablo III

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User Info: Miss0blivion

3 years ago#1
Hey ya'll :) I'm new to playing Diablo III and most of the people I have on my friends list, do not play Diablo. I'm just looking for other people to play the game with. I don't care what level or class you are. All is welcome. Just shoot me a message or friend request @ herfussyparts

Thanks guy. Good gaming :)

User Info: DanBourne

3 years ago#2
What level n class are you?

If level gap is too big you won't gain exp as normally would.

Add me gt: enticingdan

I'll sort you out some gold, plans, gems. I might have some gear. Or a character that needs to level to roll in a party.

User Info: VaderofMetroid

3 years ago#3
you can add me to Gt: DEATHLOCK198421.
Don't mass with the Metriod master son,Quote from the Space Pirate formerly Known as Mark Hamill.

User Info: dragoon9191

3 years ago#4
always looking to play with someone.. i have 2 level 60s a 25 and a 45... and a hardcore char at 30 i believe.... feel free to add GT : TRAYSIA9191

User Info: Nyxsin

3 years ago#5
GT - Nyxsin
GT - Nyxsin
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