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User Info: codehunter87

3 years ago#1
Having come to enjoy playing Hardcore mode beyond simply getting the achievement and being done with it, I've gathered up quite a lot that could help other players get started in it to get the achievement themselves or go even further if they wish to. As such, I'll be duping or giving away some of what I've acquired to players just starting on Hardcore mode or still in the first playthrough of it, I even have some items up to Nightmare on it. Message me here or on XBOX Live concerning it.

Most of the gear I have IS dex-favored, and the weapons DH favored, but I do have some that can help just about anybody as well.

If any veteran Hardcore players wish to contribute, I do need at least TWO copies of every single plan and design for Hardcore mode, one to use, and one to dupe for others who need them, but other than that I'm pretty good with what I have unless you're sure it'll help me or would be great to pass along to new players. Gems are also a priority for me right now, especially high level Amethyst and Topaz, but Emeralds to a lesser extent too, good on Rubies.

Yes, that is kind of a backwards way to say I'm still looking for help too, but I felt I'd ask for myself and for the people who have been too afraid of Hardcore's nasty penalty for deaths to go for it themselves.
GT Forte Baroque

User Info: runewalshPSiv

3 years ago#2
I have loads of gold, mats and radiant star gems you can have. I sell or drop plans so I dont have any of those and I recently clean out my stash in a random game so I dont have any gear that I am willing to part with. I wont dupe anything, but I will give it to you. Send me a friend request and we'll get something set up next time im on.
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GT: Famed Mimic

User Info: linktwo

3 years ago#3
Could I get some gear and stuff?
GT: ElderSpiritWolf

User Info: codehunter87

3 years ago#4
Update on the Giveaway.

I am now offering Whimsy Leveling to new Hardcore players, but there are a few conditions.

Due to having Satellite Internet, you WILL lag severely if you join me, and likewise I'll lag badly if I join you. To make this work then, you have to join my game.

I'll only handle one person at a time, again, due to lag.

I only have the Normal mode staff so far, and am not terribly cozy playing on the Master difficulties yet.

Unless you're packing some serious Experience Boosting gear, you're not getting to 30 easily.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIGHT THE ENEMIES THERE! YOU WILL DIE BECAUSE OF LAG AND LOW LEVELS! Because of this, let me enter Whimsyshire first, then give you the all clear to enter, because enemies LOVE to swamp you at the entrance. I do not want to have to remind players of this or watch them die because they got impatient.

If you loot any good gear, you're welcome to keep it, same with legendary gear, and I'll even drop any legends I happen to pick up. The exception is any sort of plans, which I kindly ask you drop for me so I can dupe them for everyone, and I will dupe them back to you later. Though I'm not sure plans even drop on Normal, so this is just a precautionary notice.
GT Forte Baroque

User Info: popichuelo

3 years ago#5
Thanks for the HC gear CH. Sorry I was all over the place, what was supposed to be just getting a baby in bed turned into a chaotic night with all three.
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