Natalya's Slayer

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User Info: Nile528

3 years ago#1
So I have Natalya's Slayer for my lvl60 Demon Hunter and damn this crossbow is amazing, especially since I've got Natalya's Reflection equipped as well.

But the reason I made this topic is because mine isn't socketed and was wondering if anyone knew if there are versions with sockets. I'd really like to get an emerald into it to up my Critical Damage even more. Currently I'm sitting at 169K DPS and my Critical Damage is +138%.

Also, any know where the best place to find Natalya's Sight, Embrace, and Bloody Footprints?

Anyways, thanks for your time.
XBL GT: Nile528 *B2Z*

User Info: dokukaeru

3 years ago#2
Natalyas slayer can roll a socket. There is a crossbow called manticore that can roll 2 sockets.

Loot is mostly random, so there is no best place for any set piece to drop except from someone elses inventory.
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User Info: closetblonde

3 years ago#3
I found natalya's chestpiece and the helm from doing runs in Vault of the Assassins. it was a pure luck drop after about three days of farming so good luck! I'm still farming trying to get the rest :D

User Info: D3phaultID

3 years ago#4
For what it's worth, though I agree that it's completely random, I've seen most of my set drops while killing key wardens.

User Info: XtremeEXCALIBER

3 years ago#5
Yeah that's a nice weapon I found one with a socket was great.
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User Info: Nile528

3 years ago#6
I have the Manticore with one socket with a Star Emerald and for some reason, although the damage was higher than Natalya's Slayer, it felt like it was taking longer to kill. My Manti core does 1348.3 Dog compared to Natalya's Slayer that does 1521. But my Manticore ups my dexterity by 267 and +154% Critical Hit Damage.

And now that I'm typing this out and really comparing the stats, I think I'm gonna rock the Manticore again for awhile lol
XBL GT: Nile528 *B2Z*

User Info: rxscientist

3 years ago#7
Ravens wing or 2 socket manticore ( mine has lifesteal) are the best for dh, I never did like nats slayer.
GT : mad rxscientist

User Info: MasterOGA

3 years ago#8
1 Hand bows suck, duel wielding them will always be worse than 2 handed and good quiver. I suspect they gave/will give 1 hand bows a good buffing in the next version, they are buffing 2 handed weapons for all the other characters since dual wielding is always better (except for DH lol).
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