Guitarcade keeps eating my quarters! !!

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User Info: Snizlito

3 years ago#1
Thank god I don't have to use quarters because some of these "games" are frustrating.
Scale racers has a horrible learning curve. The first time you run the scale is kind of slow then the second is a decent speed and well I have never made it a third time. How do I use off ramps?
Temble of the Bends- how do I switch strings? Like if I am bending from 8 to 10 but the gem is 12 do I go 8 to 12? Or 8 to 10 to 12 or even 8 to 10 and then just pluck 12?!?

Scale Warriors- cool game but my fingers are stupid.

ReDux is fun.

String skip saloon- not bad but I tend to suddenly have an automatic gun instead of a single shot, user error I bet.

All chord games- do you strum The entire chord or quickly pluck every string? Ive noticed its tricky on how it "hears" the note. I do both depending on if it reads the first attempt.

And now for my idea for a game. Have it be like a maze almost. Like there are multiple pathways. To progress one has to solo whatever it tells you to but then when it comes down to how you want to go in the maze relates to how you move on the guitar. For example im in a room and is has the blues scale starting from the red string 5th fret. The room tells me to follow the scale down to the blue string but then if I continue down to the orange string I go down. If I go back up, I go back a room. If I stay on the blue string but head to the next part of the scale (9th fret?) I go left. If I play towards the neck of the guitar (3rd fret) I go right. I hope you see where im going with this. My problem is the game does t encourage one to create personal solos or how to even construct them. You can improvise your own whenever but it never gets you thinking about how to do it. I dunno just an idea.
Anyway heres to some Iced Earth DLC...

User Info: bmouse6

3 years ago#2
On Scale Racers

Usually there is a prompt on the screen to get off ramp and a note you must play. Play that note and you will get off the main path. You will also have to change the finger shape of the pentatonic.

On Temple Of The Bends

You play bends upwards or downwards from the fret number shown. 1st, 2nd and 3rd have to be bent upwards, 4th, 5th and 6th - downwards.
When you see a gem, mind its color - this tells you, which string must be bent. The number above (or below) the gem tells you which fret must be bent. I usually make it a full tone bend, as half-tone bends usually seem not to work.
Remember - always start the bend from the number shown. If you see a green gem with the number 9, it means you have to bend the 2nd string (B string) 9th fret upwards, full tone bend, so it sounds like the note on the 10th fret.

On Chord Games

I've had trouble myself, sometimes the chords just wont register correctly, so I either strum all notes together in rapid succession or play the notes 1 by 1.

Hope that answers some of your questions.

Keep rockin'!

P.S. If you've made a cool custom tone, please share, there is a topic on the forum at the moment.
PSN: bmouse
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  3. Guitarcade keeps eating my quarters! !!

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