a perfect circle / tool tones

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User Info: ThePl2odigy

3 years ago#1
Does anyone have any tones similar to what apc / tool produce? I'm still very new to learning guitar and love their effects. If you need song examples I really enjoy orestes, 3 libras, and jambi.

Any other songs tones are welcome. There are just so many options I'm clueless on how to recreate their sound. Thanks!

User Info: bmouse6

3 years ago#2
Just in case you missed this.

You can load/edit any authentic tone from the songs featured in the game. This is done in the Tone Designer.

So if you are looking to create a specific tone, you might as well try to listen if there is a similar authentic tone in one of the featured songs in the game and use that tone as a starting point. Try adding/removing different pedals/amps and see if that gives you the sound your looking for.
PSN: bmouse
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