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User Info: Usman2308

3 years ago#1
Hey guys,

So I recently bought a Wii U and I'm looking for a new game. I was thinking about getting this game but there is one thing that puts me off and that is the timer. Like is there enough time to explore the worlds that you play in or do you normally have to be super fast? I just don't want to like rush the game because of the timer and just explore more and find the secret areas etc

Do you think because of the timer aspect I should look for something else like Donkey Kong TF?

Last question, how is the single player? I've seen a lot of people on Youtube playing multiplayer and having fun. Is it just as fun playing alone?

Thanks for your time.

User Info: roo10158

3 years ago#2
The timer is rarely an issue to me and I like to explore

The game was designed with single player in mind so the game is a lot better in single player because you don't have to worry about the camera not staying with the group (like on the Brainscratchcomms playthrough, it ALWAYS focused on peach despite Lewis (the guy playing as peach) doing the worst at the levels making the group have to wait on him before being able to see the level.
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User Info: ShadowN64

3 years ago#3
But multiplayer is quite the fun experience in itself.
The Shadow

User Info: dantheengineer

3 years ago#4
I had the same reservations about the timer and single player before I bought it. I like to explore and not be rushed. I'm enjoying the game though.

The levels are short, so when the timer reaches 100 you just run to the finish, then start from the beginning and run up to where you stopped exploring. This isn't annoying at all since it takes about a minute.

I only play single player and it's still fun, when you replay a level you can have ghosts of other players join you and it almost feels like you are playing multiplayer but without the pressure of having to keep up.

It's not Mario 64/sunshine/galaxy, it's much more linear, but it is enjoyable.
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User Info: MLenne

3 years ago#5
The timer isn't an issue unless you're really combing through each level looking for the stamp and Green Stars, or if you're playing Multiplayer. Most levels also have Plus Clocks so it shouldn't be a problem. It might be in the three secret worlds but you'll be experienced enough by then.

The single player is just as fun. I've done both single player and multiplayer - multiplayer can be frustrating because of the camera and everyone moving at once, but it's loads of fun. In single player, I can take more time to thoroughly explore each area without worrying about others. Both are great.

User Info: ShadowN64

3 years ago#6
I almost always would collect all three stars and the stamp without even hitting 100 on the timer, and that on my first run through the level. I never died because the timer ran out (except on one of the mad-dash levels where you start with like, 30 on the timer).

I honestly don't think the timer is a problem, and like a previous poster said, you can always rush to the finish and then play through again, picking up where you left off.
The Shadow
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