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Project Destati

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User Info: Xamists

4 years ago#1
Anyone have any clue as to what this might be?
i'm thinking a re-orchestrated OST
PSN: Xamists

User Info: DuskBringer

4 years ago#2
For all your Kingdom Hearts needs.

User Info: Poopcorn13

4 years ago#3
Don't know what it is but it made me do this:
You am no real super sand. - Virginia

User Info: Tgirl

4 years ago#4
Funny thing, even though the site is under a Japanese domain name, its Twitter account is posting all of KH's English quotes.

June 27th -
I've been having these weird thoughts lately. Like, is any of this for real, or not?

June 28 -
The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes.

July 1st -
There will be times you have to fight.

July 2nd -
Your path is set.

And so forth.....

(All the Twitter reactions to this account have all been English speaking users....)

Anyways, I can't seem to be able to leave this site. The music is too calming to my soul. If it's for a new soundtrack, yaay.... The only question is, can we buy this outside of Japan/Asia? [read] [educate] [understand]

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