Who is your favorite character?

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User Info: evidpeed

3 years ago#1
I know it's been done to death, but I'm doing it. Who is your favorite character and why? I enjoy reading people's opinions and reasons for things.

I loved Riku at first. I always fall for that typical "cool/suave/bad boy" type of character in my toons, shows, books, whatever.

It switched to Vanitas during BBS. Well needed character for the series. The mystery of him had me intrigued.

Now after DDD, I'm tired of the whole Riku scene altogether; he irks me sometimes. No clue why. I'm leaning toward liking Sora ALOT more.

Zexion is neat too.

As of now, my favorite is Vanitas.
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User Info: Kalavinka

3 years ago#2
Axel/Lea (but not in Chain of Memories!)
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User Info: slmcknett

3 years ago#3
Male Hero = Riku
Female Hero = Namine
Villain = KH1 Ansem
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User Info: judge-sal

3 years ago#4
Aqua and Ven

User Info: kaylan411

3 years ago#5
Riku by far
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User Info: Selt_Jr422

3 years ago#6
Official (Hooded) Roxas of the PS4 Kingdom Hearts 3 board

User Info: Chaze_the_chat

3 years ago#7
Xion *Flame Shield*
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User Info: baseball7000

3 years ago#8
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User Info: Selt_Jr422

3 years ago#9
baseball7000 posted...

Official (Hooded) Roxas of the PS4 Kingdom Hearts 3 board

User Info: ZLuxray626

3 years ago#10
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