Error white screen?

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User Info: wynautsface

3 years ago#1
So last night I booted the game and downloaded the new update while the game was still under maintenance. This morning I am trying to start the game but I get stuck at a white screen before I can even log in to my SE account. Finally, I get a WV-33921-8 error and can't access the game. Anyone else having or had this problem? Any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks in advance.

User Info: the_celtic_lynx

3 years ago#2
Im getting this aswell mate.No clue on how to fix it so far !!
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User Info: k9intraining

3 years ago#3
I also just posted the same thing! Makes me feel better that it is not just me.
I am assuming a patch or network error now.
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User Info: finalknightmare

3 years ago#4
same thing here

User Info: the Keeper

the Keeper
3 years ago#5
same for me restarted ps4 get to the news screen and the rest stays black now

User Info: adubz003

3 years ago#6
Try it now. Was having the same issue and now I am at least able to log in to download the patch. It still doesn't look right, but hopefully after the download it'll be better.

User Info: the Keeper

the Keeper
3 years ago#7
give it a few minutes the launcher seems to be slooooooow at loading

User Info: bossmanzay

3 years ago#8
Same here

User Info: wowkirin

3 years ago#9
same here


3 years ago#10
Same here and do not worry is a CONGESTION problem:

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