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User Info: Lilchiji

3 years ago#1
I compiled a list of useful information I found while looking into the game.
I am reposting this here in it's original format with some edits so people can access
it on these forums. Thanks to cyborg009, baekshi, and Others / Other Resources for info.
Feel Free To Add Any Additional Information That May Help Others As Well :)

Friend List and Trading Doc:

Add me:
DoS Name:

Area in game:
America (US)

Feel Free to add yourself to the list below to to add users from Gamefaqs to help out in game!
I created a google doc to share DoS Names/ DoS Trading / DoS Comments.

Leave Your Name DoS Names Below and I will add them to build up the List

What is Destiny of Spirits?

Destiny of Spirits is a free to play social RPG being developed for the PS Vita. A quote from the developers says, "Using location technology, the game places players on a global map, creating a hyper-social experience, where the player is connected to and working with others collectively to progress and unlock powerful new Spirits that can be unleashed during combat to defeat enemies."

The Destiny Engine:

In Destiny of Spirits, friends will make your journey easier. Each day, The Destiny Engine — which is based on Western and Eastern astrology — will lead you to other players that the engine selects as compatible, based on a number of factors including birthday, name, and location. You’ll greet each day with new suggestions for allies across the world, and the more friends you have, the more benefits you can gain! The gameplay really opens up once you have friends.

Will There Be Micro Transactions? Pay-To-Win?

In Destiny of Spirits, you will have access to everything in the game for free. But you have options to purchase items to speed up your progress. You can work cooperatively with other users to support your progress too. So the pace of gameplay is up to you!

Changes from Destiny of Spirits Beta:
+ Reduced load time and increased gameplay speed
+ Increased spirit levels to allow for deeper spirit progression
+ Increased number of spirit slots to allow players to have a greater variety of spirits
+ Numerous Spirit Point requirement updates that allow your Spirit Points to go further

How to start the release version of the game (Beta Users):

If you still have the closed beta version of the game content, you can update it to the release version (Your saved data of the closed beta will not be copied).

If you already deleted the closed beta package, please download it again from [Download List] in PlayStation@Store

Closed Beta participant Reward:

Every player who participated in the closed beta that was held on October 2013 and played until the end of the tutorial will receive a merging spirit "Joker". Please see below for detailed conditions and delivery schedule.

Importance of friends in Destiny of Spirits:

You will truly experience the benefits of having friends around the world in Destiny of Spirits. The more friends you have, the better off you will be in-game! Having friends in Destiny of Spirits has a number of advantages, so go play and make a lot of friends all over the world. Interaction with fellow players from around the world will enable you to trade spirits and obtain unique Spirits only available in certain regions – your friends in Japan and Europe will have an entirely different set of Spirits that you’ll want to get a hold of to use in battle!
The One and Only

User Info: Lilchiji

3 years ago#2
Spirit Points, Summoning Stones, and Destiny Orbs:

In Destiny of Spirits, the world contains three types of magical substances: Spirit Points, Summoning Stones and Destiny Orbs. Spirit Points are earned after battles and can be used to rent other player’s Spirits, merge Spirits to level up, and trade Spirits with other players. Summoning Stones are also earned through battles and you can use these to summon Spirits. Destiny Orbs are available for purchase on PlayStation Store. Some features require Destiny Orbs like Advanced Summon, Rare Summon, restoring a Spirit’s health, and other features at the Shop.

Health regeneration (Thanks To Roksu):

Your spirits recover 5 HP every minute outside battle, even if the game is not active. So if your whole party got wiped out, feel free to close the app and play another Vita game, etc. They will recover HP even if you're not logged in.

As for unusable spirits, did you mean you can't form a party full of them? Most likely your party cost is not enough. Each spirit has its cost and generally, the rarer and powerful has higher cost. Max party cost can be increased by freeing areas/defeating an area/zone boss.
If unusable as if they have 0 HP, they will need 15 minutes to be revived automatically before they will recover HP. KO-ed spirits cannot be used in battle and merging.

Here's a few useful tips:
- Press start during battle to pause the game, check your spirits' stats or flee the battle. If the enemy combination is not in your favor, you could immediately flee at the beginning of battle and try another team. If you took any damage before fleeing, it will carry over so...

- If you are losing a battle or is seeing the "You lose...", you can choose to quit the game by pressing the PS button and peel off the app. This way, your spirits' HP will be intact as if they never entered the battle. Note that the spirit stones spent before the battle to rent an ally spirit will be lost but that's prolly a small price to pay compared to waiting hours for your HP to recover.

Rare Summons:

Currently Knack
Previously from beta it was Toro and Kat and friends from Gravity Rush.
There are multiple ways to obtain Spirits in Destiny of Spirits. “Summon” is one way, and from time to time, you will see familiar PlayStation character Spirits available using the “Rare Summon” feature. Knack Spirits are currently available, but for a limited time only. Don’t miss this opportunity to add Knack Spirits to your collection! There will be other PlayStation character Spirits available in the future, so please stay tuned.

Do Spirits level up automatically, or do I have to initiate that?

The only way to level up is to merge a spirit with other spirits. Merging spirits of the same type give you bonus XP and even more if you merge same spirits.


C = Common
UC = Uncommon
R = Rare
SR = Super Rare

Does Destiny of Spirits Have Multiplayer?

The game in general is single player. There is no direct interaction with other players except while sending friend requests (internal, not PSN) or trade requests. Summoning and renting your friend’s spirits is done without needing their input. However, Chaos Spirits (region bosses) cannot always be beaten in one battle or alone.

You should have a few dependable friends to help you out with these. If you let the Chaos Spirit sit idle for more than a certain amount of time (3 Hours?), it will fully heal and you’ll have to start the pounding all over again. Later in the game you may have enough Spirits to just keep rotating in fresh ones until the deed is done.
The One and Only

User Info: Lilchiji

3 years ago#3
Destiny of Spirits [Spirits Information Database]
Thanks to baekshi

Look at your Spirits and fill for each one...
Please don't fill this if your spirits are adjusted, as in merged. Only fill out this if they newly obtained, never used. This is all a volunteer effort to build this database up.

Here's the spreadsheet

CTRL + F to find if the Spirit already been submitted.

Trading Spirits:

Spirits are unique to certain geographical locations around the globe. However, you can trade spirits with friends to grow and diversify your spirit collection, so the more friends you have increases the potential to gain more spirits — even those spirits you can’t obtain in your region. The distance between you and your friend on the map determines how long it will take to complete the trade.

Interaction with fellow players from around the world will enable you to trade spirits and obtain unique Spirits only available in certain regions – your friends in Japan and Europe will have an entirely different set of Spirits that you’ll want to get a hold of to use in battle!

Renting Spirits:

By renting spirits, you can borrow a friend’s spirit to join you in battle. Borrow the right spirit and gain from its unique “supporter skills,” which include important buffs like damage modifiers. Renting spirits costs Destiny Points, but it can be the difference between victory and defeat!

Destiny Strike:

During battle, a friend can trigger a “Destiny Strike,” a support attack for when you need it most. A red dot will appear during battle to signal the Destiny Strike, which may be the final attack you need to take down a formidable opponent. The more friends you have, the better chance of it triggering. Do you see a pattern emerging? With Destiny of Spirits, working collaboratively with gamers around the globe will not only enhance the overall experience, but help you succeed in battle.

How To Get Your Actual PSN Friends or Random Friends In The Game:

You can get random friends in Destiny of Spirits. However, under options there's a search in the ranking tab. This game doesn’t require you to have friends on your PSN friends list. Rather, it’s all done in-game. You can see people in the leaderboards, trade section, etc…and add them from there. They won’t go to your actual friends list on the Vita.

Every day, I believe, you can choose someone from a list of players to have some kind of link with. This grants you a free spirit to have and your link partner gives you bonuses and such throughout the day.

Why Can’t I Change My Birthdate?

Once a Sony Entertainment Network account has been created, you cannot change
the date of birth.

Other items that cannot be changed are:
+ Online ID
+ Security Question and Answer
+ Country

If you entered the wrong information or wish to change any of the items above,
you will have to create a New Sony Entertainment Network Account.

Is Being Online Necessary?

You will need to be connected online in order to play Destiny of Spirits.

Cheating with "Hunt" feature:

Please refrain from attempting to acquire spirits via the "Hunt" feature without actually travelling in the real world.

If we identify any users manipulating the "Hunt" feature they will be banned from the game.
Please consider fair play when enjoying "Destiny of Spirits". Thank you.
The One and Only

User Info: Lilchiji

3 years ago#4
Other Improvements/changes from Closed Beta from Developers

Thanks to the closed beta result and the feedback from the participants, we've made the following changes/improvements in the release version.

- Skill point system updated: The Skill Points to use during a battle will increase from 0 to 100 over time and only the Skill Points consumed will be deducted.

- "Break Through the Limit" Feature: For the Spirits that already reach their highest levels, as long as you have the same Spirits or JOKERs with the same spirit elements, you can merge them and raise the level caps for the Spirits you want to enhance.

- Trade Spirit for Points: A function that allows you to sell the Spirits you don't need (i.e. trade your Spirits for Points) is added.

- Weekly Ranking Board: The rankings of the "Battle Points" you earn in a mission will be updated on a weekly basis.

- The loading time is shortened so the game runs more smoothly.

- Rental Spirits will definitely show up at the beginning of the battle.

- The battles are 1.5x fast, and the time periods for restoring HP and reviving Spirits are greatly shortened, so the game speed is much faster!

- The number of the basic Spirits you can have in the early stage increases, and the Spirit Points needed for merging Spirits decrease.

- There are more adjustments to enjoy this game for a long time

Destiny of Spirits Trophies:

Bronze Trophies

Battle Master – Won 10 battles in a row.

Coming of Age – Freed your first zone.

Familiar Face – Logged in 30 days in a row.

Friends to Lean On – Rented a support Spirit 10 times.

Junior Master – Cleared the tutorial.

Quinceañera – Got a single Spirit to level 10.

Smooth Sailing – Freed 4 zones.

Tactician – Made 100 normal attacks with elements that had the upper hand.

The Lord of the Spirits – Completed your first trade.

Silver Trophies

Great Trainer – Reached Spirits’ max level 100 times.

Legendary Summoner – Acquired 100 Spirits through summoning.

Gold Trophy

Spirit Master – All areas have been freed.
The One and Only

User Info: Evil_Stylez

3 years ago#5
Great Idea, should be pinned :)

I will try to help out with the Spirit-opedia as much as i can when i get the time!
Currently Playing: ToGf, Star Ocean:The Last Hope, Sleeping Dogs, League of Legends, various PSVITA games.

User Info: CaptainLuka

3 years ago#6
Stick requested
PSN/Steam: Tyrannikos | 3DS FC: 4640-0120-2089
Playing: Dark Souls II, DW8XL, Deception IV, Destiny of Spirits | Anticipating: Conception II, Drakengard 3

User Info: Lilchiji

3 years ago#7
Evil_Stylez posted...
Great Idea, should be pinned :)

I will try to help out with the Spirit-opedia as much as i can when i get the time!

Good to hear :) The Spirit-opedia is growing fast which is a good sign!
The One and Only

User Info: Lilchiji

3 years ago#8
Raid boss Event "Baptism of Light" is LIVE!

Thursday, 27th March 2014 - Wednesday, 16th April 2014, 23:59 (UTC)

Bosses to appear:

Spirit: Inti (6000 HP)

Spirit: Belobog

Spirit: Miroku

What's Raid Boss Event?

****Make sure that you have a free slot on your spirit collection as there is a chance you're
gonna get a new spirit after defeating a boss

It is an event to fight against the powerful boss spirits of 3 regions - Asia, US and Europe. Depending on your number of conquests and conquest level, you can acquire in-game points and event-exclusive Raid boss spirits.

You'll get a chance to encounter Raid bosses when you complete missions on the world map. However, completing the mission does not guarantee the encounter, Raid bosses are more likely to appear farther from your base. Furthermore, they won't appear in area boss or zone boss missions.

* Raid bosses of all 3 regions are supposed to appear, however it is random and you will have more chance to encounter the boss of your region. (Ex: Appearance rate of Miroku is higher for the players in Japan.)

Although your spirits can challenge a Raid boss battle as long as the health is full, you need Raid Points to challenge. The Raid Points that you use will be restored as time passes. You can also restore Raid Points using Destiny Orbs. Raid boss appears only limited amount of time. So do your best to defeat bosses before they disappear!

If you are defeated, your friends will automatically receive a request for help and they can also join your fight against a Raid boss.

Please note that when you contribute to your friend's Raid boss battle, it counts your number of conquests, but does not influence your conquest level.

Local Hunting" has started!

Spirit: Ixtab
Location: Around Manhattan, NY

Spirit: Fenrir
Location: Around Big Ben, London

Spirit: Yatagarasu
Location: Around Tokyo-station & Around Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

"Local Hunting" spirits and locations will be regularly added from now on. We hope you enjoy the event!

* Use of this service requires players to obtain the location information in the target area.
* Please note that the number of spirits one player can acquire via "Local Hunting" are limited.
If the spirit you are trying to hunt is same as the one you already acquired in the different
location, you may not be able to get it.

Limited Summons "KNACK"!

The characters of "KNACK", a PlayStation 4 exclusive action platformer,
have become Spirits in "Destiny of Spirits" and can be summoned for a limited time offer.

A total of 20 types of UC/R/SR spirits are available, so don't miss this opportunity!
Offer period: Thursday, 20th March 2014 - Wednesday, 16th April 2014, 23:59 (UTC)

Some Known Characters from KNACK in Destiny of Spirits:

- Gundahar (UR)

- Guardian (R)

- Ice Knack (R)

- Iron Knack (R)

- Ryder (UC)

- Katrina (UC)

- Android Soldier (UC)

- Mining Robot (UC)

The One and Only

User Info: CaptainLuka

3 years ago#9
So far I've fought both Inti and Belobog in America.
PSN/Steam: Tyrannikos | 3DS FC: 4640-0120-2089
Playing: Dark Souls II, DW8XL, Deception IV, Destiny of Spirits | Anticipating: Conception II, Drakengard 3

User Info: OogamiTaichou

3 years ago#10
@Lilchiji: Are you, by any chance, also in NeoGAF? LOL
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