Reasons why this game isn't as good as Donkey Kong Country 2

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User Info: Too_many_names

3 years ago#81
2pp3nd1x posted...
Huh, I never hear about the DK games but I'm starting to understand why. The community is as bad if not worse than all the other ones.

I don't know about the community but, on this board, even though everything seems peaceful and perfect, if one dares criticize DK:TF even slightly the defenders of the game will fall on them like 16 tons--at best, the post of the person who criticized it gets dismissed.

To be fair, though, a lot of the criticism for this game has been unjustified and stupid. Still, what I said is mostly true.
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User Info: Gamermannextgen

3 years ago#82
ZeroRaider posted...
This seems to be a common sentiment on the 'net; Tropical Freeze, while very good and an admirable effort by Retro, still doesn't hold up to the legendary Donkey Kong Country 2.

So I was thinking about why and here's what I came up with:

-No Kremlings. The enemies in Tropical Freeze are okay, but the Kremlings just had so much more character. This is the same problem DKC Returns suffered. King K. Rool was a way better enemy than the random guy they throw at you as the final boss in this game.

-Diversity of environments is poor. DKC2 had some fascinating and unique levels like honeycomb hives, amusement parks, dungeons, swamps, pirate ships, "lost worlds" (remember that giant bouncing tire level? That was so cool) etc. This one just has forest, more forest, a burning savannah, a juice factory in a forest, a few underwater levels, and some ice levels over a forest.

-Lack of animal buddies. Yeah, I know, Rambi the Rhino is in this, but that's it. And you only use him a couple of times in the whole game. By the time I'd reached world 6 and I saw him pop up again I was surprised because I had completely forgotten he was even in the game since he was used so sparingly. There isn't a roster of different animal buddies you can use. DKC2 had a spider, a snake, a parrot... it was awesome. You could even turn into them for a unique level experience. Where are the levels here where you can turn into a parrot and race another parrot to the end of the level?

-No big 'surprise' moments where you're racing a giant enemy. Anyone remember in DKC2 where you run into that giant wasp that chases you to the end of the level? That just about scared the s*** out of me the first time that happened. Or the kart level where you're racing away from a phantom in a haunted house...

-No extras like Funky's Bonus Bonanza or when they expanded on this concept with those minigames you had in DKC3... those were awesome.

-The secret worlds and bonus just don't have that atmosphere like DKC2's did. DKC2's minigames where you collect Kremling coins had more diversity than the little bonus areas for puzzle pieces in this game. Collecting KONG letters to unlock levels instead of Kremling coins is just lame. And speaking of those puzzle pieces, they just don't feel worth collecting because there's so many of them put into a level. DKC2's bonus collectables were used more sparingly. And then you had DKC3 which kicked this up a notch with the Banana Birds, bear traders, etc. That really added some life to the game.

Things this game DID get right were boss battles and the music. I haven't played any modern games lately that have had boss battles as good as this game. After the way Nintendo half-assed the boss battles in Mario, Tropical Freeze's boss battles were downright amazing.

Anything I missed that can explain why a lot of us prefer the older DKCs over these new ones? I will say this... I think this game is better than the first Donkey Kong Country. But it still needed work to surpass DKC2 & DKC3...

you forgot about not being able to switch between playing as the other kongs

User Info: Billysan

3 years ago#83
I agree with some of the level themeing, most of it is very basic level themes. But let's not forget how many times DKC2 recycled levels like honey combs, roller coasters or swamps.

The level design in this game is more unique overall as well with not a lot of reused gimmicks.

Really mess the atmosphere of DKC2 though, I'd like to see retro try there hand at that in the next game for a change.

Don't really care that the Kremlings are gone I miss theme but it's not a huge factor. The original game had horrible enemies but this one manged to create some pretty good ones with a lot of character.

The animal buddies got a little gimmicky for me I would like to have seen more used in this game though.

Overall the core level design is a bit more diverse and better overall.

but yeah the boss battles in this game are really good so much better than the horrid ones featured in the first DKC Returns game.
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User Info: pafbonk

3 years ago#84
MetaFalconPunch posted...
In less than 2 seconds I refuted the first 3 complaints in my mind.

That's where I realized how pointless it was to keep reading.

That, and why do we care if it's DKC2 is better? What's the point of this topic exactly?
^Right here is either pure genius or trolling.

User Info: ao_bomber

3 years ago#85
ZeroRaider posted...
-No Kremlings.

Stopped here.
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User Info: namelessregret

3 years ago#86
No game in the world is as good as DKC2, OP.

User Info: AngelPeach

3 years ago#87
I would actually beg to differ on this, as I actually prefer Returns and Tropical Freeze to DKC2. And this coming from a girl who did have DKC2 as her favorite game in the Donkey Kong series.

I think complaining that the Kremlings are gone is silly. In fact, because they haven't been using them, we've gotten more variety. I actually really like the Tikis, and penguins, birds and so on from this game. Mind you, I don't hate the Kremlings, but to be fair, there is really only so much you can do with them.

While the diversity in the environments may not seem that great, I think the visuals are stunning. Not only that, but I find the levels to be really unique and fun. I'm honestly having way too much fun to care.

To be perfectly honest, I always preferred Rambi anyway. I'm not saying the others were bad, but Rambi was the one I always looked forward to riding. And even then, I don't need the animal buddies to have fun either. Besides, in Tropical Freeze, you can actually switch between Diddy, Dixie and Cranky just by using the barrels, so I don't really think it would be needed to add all of the animal buddies.

I would beg to differ and bring up Muncher Marathon from Returns. That is very memorable and even has its own track! Besides, why do we need 'surprise chases?' There is more surprises than just who or what we are chased by. Besides, I don't really think the one where you are being chased by that pirate phantom was much of a surprise really. My problem was the plus and minus barrels, not what was chasing me.

I don't really need minigames. To be fair, the one with Swanky wasn't even all that fun for me, and aside from some things, I rarely got the answers to the questions. I mean, names I could get right, but when it suddenly asks things like 'how many windows were here' or something along those lines, I can't help but think, 'Do they expect me to actually pay attention to that?' Also, honestly speaking, I don't really see the point to it since your life counter resets when you turn the game off.

Also, to continue on minigames, to be fair while the 'ones' in these do tend to repeat, the ones in DKC2 also do. It's always either destroying enemies, collecting all the stars, or just finding the coin in general. I'm not saying the way they do things isn't unique, but if we have to be honest, we still do the exact same things.

Honestly, I'd rather collect the KONG letters over looking for some Kremling coins. To be honest, I really hated looking for those. I more played the game to just play it. Getting the puzzle pieces is like the coins, but at least I don't have to get them all to play every level if I don't want to. I'm not saying collectibles is bad, but I'll be honest, as much as I love DKC2, I've never properly beaten it. Meaning getting 102%, and quite frankly, I don't care to.

Also, a quick comment about the Mario bosses... I have to ask, has it really been that different? Like compare the fight with Boom Boom in SMB3 with 3D World.

I'm not saying you still can't prefer DKC2 or DKC3, but personally, I think Returns and Tropical Freeze are much more fun to play. Which in my opinion is the most important thing anyway.

User Info: Skull_pro

3 years ago#88
Goombacrusher posted...
I don't see how anyone could possibly think the Snowmads lacked character

This. I haven't beat the game yet (reached 6-4 yesterday) and I already think the Snowmad are better than any DKC enemy yet. Playing blind, at least until I beat the main game. So I can't wait to fight the last boss. What was his name again, Lord Fredrik or sonething?
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User Info: JustDenzell

3 years ago#89
I agree with you that DKC2 is a great game, especially for the year it was released in but I don't really agree with your points.

-I don't see that the Kremlings have so much more character than the Snowmads. You couldn't see any emotion on the faces of the Kremlings in DKC2. The Snowmads however,you can see exactly what the Polarbear feels when you accidently let his popsicle fall in the juice. That is something you couldn't see with the Kremlings.

-Donkey Kong Country also had lots of unique levels, A level full of Jello, a level that takes place at some sort of an African festival, a level full of hot airballoons, a level in a tornado, a level in which you have to dodge cheese and also a level with beehives. I personally think that Tropical Freeze makes way more use of the enviroments in stead of it just being background.

-The animal buddy-system also wasn't that great in DKC2. There were way too many animal buddies and some of those were only used a few times. Of course, I would have loved to see Enguarde in Tropical Freeze but I think it is better to keep the animal buddies special than to make them a regular power-up.

-Okay, I agree that there aren't any big suprises but I don't think that makes this game worse than DKC2

-I don't really feel the need for mini-games, I think they kind of break the atmosphere

Again, I am not saying Tropical Freeze is way better than DKC2, but in my opinion it sure isn't worse

User Info: Iggy_Koopa

3 years ago#90
JustDenzell posted...

-I don't see that the Kremlings have so much more character than the Snowmads. You couldn't see any emotion on the faces of the Kremlings in DKC2. The Snowmads however,you can see exactly what the Polarbear feels when you accidently let his popsicle fall in the juice. That is something you couldn't see with the Kremlings.

To be fair, this is a comparison of a game on the 16 bit SNES and a game on the Wii U... So yeah you would see more expression in a game with superior tech behind it... That said, the Tiki Tak Tribe had NO excuse for sucking as hard as they did. Let us all pray that whether we get stuck with a arctic animals or crocodiles with a mean streak, that we NEVER see those wooden abominations again.

A little off topic... Actually a lot off topic, I needed a place to post this

Has anyone seen that before? I'm thinking "how many renders did Rare make back in the day?!".

But yeah I like Kremlings better than the Snowmads and think their leader is a pathetic K. Rool wannabe and even I won't say that the enemy choice was a game breaker for this game... I mean if you could have fun with a game with the Tiki Tak Tribe, then nothing is a deal breaker as far as enemies go.

A lot of the other points are kind of asinine too. But as a guy who actually likes the Kremlings I had to shoot that one down specifically.
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