Ideas for one more game to cap off this second DKC trilogy

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User Info: the_superiorx2

3 years ago#1
Donkey Kong Country: Kremling Karnage

- K. Rool and the Kremlings return at last, wanting to exact their revenge on DK and his clan, by capturing his pals and taking his bananas.

- Like DKC2 the whole game can be set on Kremling island, but like DKCR's version of DK island it has been reinvented so there would be different locations to go to. They can keep the theme park level - that was cool.

- Have two new playable Kong characters - Lanky or Baby Kong perhaps.

- Animals buddies, like the swordfish, the snake and spider return.

- When you collect all the KONG letters and complete all the secret levels, instead of a extra final stage to unlock, you get the true final battle against K. Rool - similar to DKC2.

User Info: yzman

3 years ago#2
The ideas you have are just basically recreating DKC2....
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User Info: Billysan

3 years ago#3
If Retro makes a 3rd final game they really have no choice but to bring the Kremlings back because the fan out cry would be pretty brutal and nothing they could do would top the Kremlings return.

I'd say avoid adding any more Kongs beyond maybe Candy they should especially avoid anything after DKC2 were the artist at Rare got stupid. Playable Funky would please a lot of people I know.

Also they should add a darker atmosphere to the game yeah it's like asking for DKC2 but it would really freshen things up after all the recent bright and basic visuals.

Cranky is basically the snake and there really is zero need for the swordfish...maybe they could create some new animals, although the spider does have potential.
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User Info: Goombacrusher

3 years ago#4

I still kinda like this concept

User Info: Xynaxus64

3 years ago#5
DKC: Return to Kremling Isle

I don't even have a Wii U, but I'd buy this game just for the sake of having it on my shelf.
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User Info: seeyoshirun

3 years ago#6
I really don't think they'd need to bring back the Kremlings; the Snowmads were well-designed (much more interesting than the Tikis from DKCR) and I'm sure they could re-use them or come up with another new group of enemies.

I really liked the idea of having a number of different islands like they did in DKC:TF, and I'd welcome that again. It really seemed to give Retro the freedom to create more interesting worlds that felt self-contained; they didn't need to worry about something like a savanna world meshing with an ice world or a quasi-Bavarian world because they were on different islands.

Probably the only thing I'd like to see revisited is the amusement park idea from DKC2. It was one of the coolest designs from the original trilogy and so much more could be done with that concept on more powerful hardware. Picture a level where Donkey Kong runs amongst targets in a shooting range, only he's the target. Or a level where he's stuck in the area where the fairy floss is manufactured, a sort of pink and fluffy version of Fruity Factory from DKC:TF.

Retro have done two DKC games now, and there's room for them to get a bit more creative and out-there with the level designs, much like DKC3 did. That's all I'd really want. That and David Wise.

User Info: jcgonzmo

3 years ago#7
To design the final and best Donkey Kong, I would:
1) Keep the boss fight style of Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
2) Mine Kart and Rocket Barrel levels as Donkey Kong Country Returns
3) World diversity as Donkey Kong Country Returns
4) Music by David Wise (Even though I love the remixes from DKCR)
5) No new kongs.
6) Include maybe the swordfish Enguarde, and thats about it.
7) Include the Kremlings
Basically a fusion of Tropical Freeze and Returns.

User Info: Externica

3 years ago#8
jcgonzmo posted...
2) Mine Kart and Rocket Barrel levels as Donkey Kong Country Returns

Yuck! Return's mine carts and rockets were pretty much fake difficulty.
Those segmentts were worse "trial and errors" than some temples, as the game demanded you to know what the course was like. Even if you knew the stage, collecting all letters also turned out to be way to frustrating, as their placement made it easy to screw yourself over.
The worst offender was that World 4-Level were a giant bat chased you. Not only had you to avoid the obstacles in front of you, but that bat also shot at you in set intervalls. Making the memorisation of this stage even worse. I was cheering for the snowmads when I palyed stage 6-4.

User Info: georgethecow4

3 years ago#9
I hope that the world is open like in DKC3. It was cool choosing which worlds to go to instead of having a set order and I liked the trading quest and hidden caves.
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User Info: Too_many_names

3 years ago#10
3D DK game please (but it wouldn't be like DK64). The snowmads would return and it would be revealed that they are working with the Kremlings in an attempt to defeat DK and crew.
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