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User Info: chickabumpbump

3 years ago#1
So despite the next gen power, I can only assume since the same game is on 360 as well theres STILL a limit on items in games like these on consoles.
Sims had it, so you were limited on what you could build and place and so does Zoo.

Despite the MASSIVE map you are given and the giant variety of animals available, the game expects us to simply keep replacing animals for the more rare versions instead of, i dont know having variety in your zoo.

Really really disappointing and then anger inducing when youre enjoying a type of game and a genre that is rarely on consoles to be suddenly hit with a LIMIT on what you can build, the single worst thing you could have in a game like this, theme park, sim city etc

User Info: Dracosheep

3 years ago#2
I totally agree. ): The graphics aren't THAT superior to Zoo Tycoon 2, so why is there a limit? My laptop, which as lower processing than an XboxOne, didn't have an issue with there being no limit.

So why now? For gods sake, there aren't even penguins in this, and they tell me I have a limit!? Surely something better could've been figured out. When I see a giant map, I want to fill it. I can't do that with this game. >: Sorely upset and disappointed. I hope they get rid of the zoo limit feature.
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User Info: aborkle

3 years ago#3
I agree x 100,000.

I had countries in Tropico on the 360 that were at least twice as big with more stuff going on.

It is my biggest issue with this game.

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