Cube World for sale today (July 2nd, 2013) site immediately crashes

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User Info: Xylymphydyte

4 years ago#1
Can't say I didn't see that coming.

User Info: AzureXavior

4 years ago#2
I know right? I'm kinda behind the news but is the demo out or the alpha out?
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User Info: Xylymphydyte

4 years ago#3
The alpha was supposed to be up for sale today it seems, it was up for almost 2 minutes before the whole site just crashed and burned.

Apparently it will be 20 USD for purchase.

There is a tech demo you can download at the following address:

All it does is show a world and rotate in place though, any key inputs crash it immediately.

User Info: Dcl2049

4 years ago#4
There is a tech demo which is basically just a splash screen, and the alpha version which nobody can download right now because they took the store down to fix it I guess.
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User Info: RavenBStone

4 years ago#5
Alpha is out and playable, but no one can purchase it right now because the website's cart is down. Should follow @wol_lay on twitter to check the status update, it's possible wollay will move to a third party system to re-enable purchasing, but nothing has happened yet.

There is also a demo, but don't get confused. it is just a tech demo to see if you can run the game - it has zero controls and no gameplay.

User Info: Xylymphydyte

4 years ago#6
I'm honestly pretty miffed at this whole situation.

Notch and Tiy have both been trying to open a line of communication with Wol_lay to help him with his release and hosting and he's just ignored them. And now this happens. It's been about 3 hours of the site being down and no updates about the situation.

Was hoping to have a chance to play it before heading out but that's just not going to happen it seems.

User Info: RavenBStone

4 years ago#7
This is probably wollay's first time dealing with something like this. It's possible he won't get a solution in place for a few days. I've been waiting over a year myself... but there isn't much I can do.

Tomorrow morning it's more likely the game will be for sale again. I'm sure if he gives up on his own site and finds another site to sell the game on he'll put a post on twitter about it.

If there is anything we should have learned in the past few months, it's that his priorities are more about quality than about a quick buck - so it's even possible he won't update the purchasing until he researches some good alternatives.

User Info: Xylymphydyte

4 years ago#8
I wonder when we'll stop letting these developers get away with such gross amounts of hubris.

User Info: RavenBStone

4 years ago#9
"Our server has problems to handle the traffic, even though we're hosting Cube World on a separate location. Our main priority is currently to fix issues with all buyers so far and make sure they get their game.

All buyers who don't see Cube World in their 'My Games' section, please send an email to with your Paypal transaction id.

The shop will remain closed until all issues are resolved.

We apologize for any trouble and thank you for your understanding."

That's from the main picroma site. Highly unlikely sales will open again any time soon :\

User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
4 years ago#10
I give Wollay props for working hard to make sure people get their orders.

I mean, I was totally expecting the site to crash when some odd hundred thousand people tried to buy the game at the same time. :p

At least he's working on fixing the problem. It sucks that I have to wait, but I am still happy to see him focus on making sure people get the game if they bought it. Many companies would just shove those issues into a "to do list" and screw over those people while new customers keep coming in.
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