how to unlock sage kabuto

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User Info: xnamxoutlawx

3 years ago#1
this is my first copy of ultimate ninja storm 3, but in 2 if you get 1000000m ryo all characters are unlocked did that in this but sage kabuto box at top is still hidden with ??? anyone know how to unlock it?

User Info: teffy

3 years ago#2
You can't. Gotta buy the Full Burst edition.
But... you didn't even any sense. At all. - gandob

User Info: xnamxoutlawx

3 years ago#3
yeah thats what i have thats why i posted in the full burst forum

User Info: sacredwarcloud

3 years ago#4
He was already available after I installed to the HDD
but I did have data from UNS 3 on there

User Info: fahademon

3 years ago#5
I think you need 1600000. | Please sign this for Digimon Re:Digitize Decode to get localized!(see quote)
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