screen wont go to full

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User Info: Grey_Asakura

3 years ago#1
tried stuff
but resolution only stayed at 1280 x 720
Delicious Erza

User Info: El_Zaggy

3 years ago#2
you can change it in the launcher right ?

User Info: Grey_Asakura

3 years ago#3
yeah tried all that but the setting wont save
Delicious Erza

User Info: Ekkuses

3 years ago#4
Try changing the configuration file with a text editor.
PSN: Ekkuses

User Info: cHeEBa1090

3 years ago#5
If you open the launcher as an administrator, it saves. Just make sure you always start the launcher that way. I had the same problem.
GT: cHeEBa1090

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