Master of the Netherverse Skill Points - How?

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  3. Master of the Netherverse Skill Points - How?

User Info: Tommykitty

3 years ago#1
These would be the "don't change gravity more than X amount of times" challenges for Clank's Netherverse levels. The first one, for example, wants you to change gravity no more than five times. I have utterly no idea how I'll manage this, has anyone gotten these yet? The game is too new to have much in the way of Youtube videos for things like the harder Skill Points, so I'm hoping some people here have tips.


User Info: MyDogSkip

3 years ago#2
First of all, turn the difficulty down to Cadet if you haven't already. This reduces the number of obstacles on screen and the amount of damage you take. (Side note: They actually did a good job with the difficulties in this game.) Then I'd say go through the level and try to find places where you absolutely must switch gravity. Look for ways to minimize changes. For example, at the start of the first puzzle, you can change gravity to the right and avoid three or four switches. It'll take quite a few tries, I'm sure, but you'll get better at it. Honestly I only did a couple of these because I wasn't that into them. These are the only skill points I'm missing.
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  3. Master of the Netherverse Skill Points - How?

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