Domination - discussion thread.

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User Info: lc_berry

3 years ago#1
RAF (CUB solo) v's QualiT.

No doubt CUB's team would win, but the scores how would they pan out.

QualiT - 90-3 but the team 3 - 90, no map control.

Cub - 30 - 31, IMS every flag?

What would happen.

User Info: Treize Knight

Treize Knight
3 years ago#2
Birdy rains down Helo pilots and Lokis every 30 seconds when he camps a different area every 45 seconds after getting 3-4 kills at each point. Cub secretly stacks his team with disavowed RAF members so they can coordinate captures and steal the care packages that the loki drops. Everyone dies a lot except for Birdy and Air Superiority is worthless.

Game eventually crashes because the map can't handle more than 4 AI assault jugs on the map at the same time and everyone loses because the only winning move is not to play.
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