Mushroom Island seed / survival

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User Info: CAP2702

3 years ago#1
Hi all, I found a pretty good survival island seed = 2702198003021984

Has a couple of mushroom islands too and loads of water.

I have started and linked my home island to the island where the end portal is via minecart.

I am nearly ready to go and fight the enderdragon, I just want to level up more and enchant some weapons etc.Anyone who wants to join send me a request. I can provide diamonds for weapons and armor so you don't die ha ha. I will be on later tonite (in U.k) I will make a chest on the spawn Island with boats, armor and weapons.

Oh and I am a mature gamer so over 21's only please, can't stand kids with music blaring over the mic.

User Info: CAP2702

3 years ago#2
PSN is same as name on here.

Also sorry for the rather jumbled message, I am at work and kept having to go back and forth to finish it.

User Info: xmen

3 years ago#3
This is your boss.
Get back to work.

PS: You're lucky I'm a minecraft fan or you would've been fired.

User Info: GespenstKAF

3 years ago#4
Heh, reminds me of the Journey seed I tried: pretty much the complete opposite of want I wanted, which was a desert.
PSN ID: GespenstKAF W2 FC: 2023-2771-5859
3DS FC: 3738-0838-5357 X Safari: Dark: Crawdaunt, Mightyena, Inkay
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  3. Mushroom Island seed / survival

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