"Artificial Difficulty"

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User Info: WaferMon

3 years ago#1
So I finally got around to buying this (Steam sale), and while most of the game is somewhat fairly balanced, the Haunted House level should be named "I Wanna Be The Guy", because it's full of what I call "Artificial Difficulty".

It's not actually difficult, it's just full of obstacles that are completely unavoidable unless you know where they are. It's like a minefield. That's not difficulty, that's just forcing the player to memorize the entire damn level.

All of the other levels I've beaten in one set of 30 lives, but this level, I've gone through over 5 continues and still haven't beaten it. Between all of the Artificial Difficulty and the pixel-perfect-jump-or-you-die, this level is just horribly designed. A huge blemish on a decently entertaining game.

User Info: Chemazan

3 years ago#2
Use the arcing stones

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