Obtain all vampire genome skills? (spoilers)

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User Info: Kentosch

3 years ago#1
Hey guys, i think you enjoy this awesome game like i do. Excuse me for my bad english, it isn't my native language.

Is it possible to obtain all vampire genome skills anyway? There is a faq from Zoelius (thank you!) on gamefaqs listing all possible genome skills. If i take a look at, lets say the genome skill "Cold Air", it is just obtainable from the boss Orthros. But how can i obtain that skill? I defeated him ages ago.

Thank you very much! =)

User Info: kingmog

3 years ago#2
Hi, I've been compiling a list of Genome skills and was going to put it up later when I've found them all but here's what I have found at the moment:

Kaiser Cobra (Temple of earth) > Toxic Whirl
Megascolides (Everlast tower) > Rock Storm
Cerberus (Vampire Castle) / Orthros (Wind Temple Boss) > Hellfire
Orthros (Wind Temple Boss) > Deep freeze
Rusalka (Water Temple Boss) > Aqua Regia
Chaugnar (Fire Temple Boss) / Lester (Vampire Castle Boss) > Energy Burst
Skull Lancer (SW continent world map & starkfort) Lester (Vampire Castle Boss) > Bone Crush
Ice Golem (In and around Eternia Council Headquarters) > Blizzard blast
Flame Moth (Underflow - 1F West & Fire Temple) > Firestorm
Magician/ Wraith/ghost/specter (small beach area SE of NW continent/ desert in SE continent at night) > Curse
Kobold (World map around Caldisla - Center of world map)> Withering Silence
Treant / Hamadryad (Miasma Woods - South) > Lullaby
Rukh (Miasma Woods - South / Florem Gardens - Central) > Tornado
Zwart (Twilight Ruins)> Blaster
Valtora (Long island north of the world map)> Chomp

Most of the following were taken from the FAQ's:

Aero Lantern (The Sealed Dimension B7) > White Wind
Sand Worm (The Sealed Dimension B2/ desert before chapter 5) > Sand Storm
Soil Eater (The Sealed Dimension B5/ somewhere before chapter 5) > Earthquake
Great Moth (The Sealed Dimension B6) > Scale Powder
Mega Moth (before chapter 5?)> Wing Scales
Alraune > paralyzing pollen (floren forest) > *before chapter 5!
red flan > venom (volcanic regions) > *before chapter 5!

There's 25 genome skills and I've got 22 listed so far....I'd appreciate it if anyone has access to the complete bestiary and found the remaining 3 as well as the locations of them ;) I've already searched the whole map in chapter 5 and have only obtained 15 genome skills, I hate how they decided to change monsters everywhere after chapter 4 :(

Regarding the Deep freeze skill, you'd be able to obtain it in chapter 4, 5 and 6 anyway so it shouldn't be that hard to miss...if not, start a New Game+ and obtain them there! XD

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User Info: Zoel

3 years ago#3
I also need to mention if you encounter Asmodeus on your Norende village, you can get Thunderja as a genome ability from him.

Anyways I get that Genome ability section done pretty soon.
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User Info: kingmog

3 years ago#4

Damn, I killed it thinking they don't give abilities :(
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User Info: bahamutsigma

3 years ago#5
Do you have to learn the genomes separately for each character?
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User Info: kingmog

3 years ago#6
Nope,they're shared between everyone
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User Info: Spinarakk

3 years ago#7
I only did the vampire subquest in chapter 5 so I'd assume I wouldn't be able to get the ones you have listed as before chapter 5 yeah? That really sucks as I think I might've missed a bunch of monsters in the bestiary since I usually just rush through dungeons with -100% encounter.

Is there actually a new game+ mode? I assumed the game just keeps looping the crystal thing.

User Info: Ely0nFIRE

3 years ago#8
I just looked at the list and found the remaining ones (I think)
However I'm a bit confused because WITHOUT Asmodeus Skill it's already 25.
The skills are...

Dual Attack - Catamount (Witherwood)
Fireball - D'Gon (Witherwood)
Gastric Juices - Gastric Worm (Everlast Tower)

All found before Ch. 5.

User Info: Spinarakk

3 years ago#9
Ok after getting further into the game, I can confirm that you can find the monsters pre chapter 5 in various levels in the Sealed Dimension, so you can't really miss any genome abilities.

User Info: thebladeofwoe

3 years ago#10
Sorry, but what is genome skills? I am still on chapter one... where do I go (sorry)
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