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User Info: Disionity

4 years ago#1
Post strategies for the boss fights from the demo here.

I must ask, how do you defeat the third boss (the Minotaur)? I'm being destroyed by it.
It seems to be weak to fire, but even with three black-magic wielders using the move Fira, it doesn't seem to be enough. Suggestions?

User Info: gnerdus

4 years ago#2
Once you get his health low enough for him to start doing double damage default the whole time (Heal when needed) and then let loose with a barrage of Fira when he has to recharge his BP.

User Info: agentpheonix

4 years ago#3
Level all your characters to level 3 in both black and white mage, then switch them back to their preferred jobs.

Throw Angelic Ward and Damage Dispersion on all your characters, and watch as the Minotaur (and all bosses after that) become a complete joke.
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User Info: EnigmaGamer

4 years ago#4
first demo boss can be silenced which completely shuts down its AI if you get it before it uses Aeroga. It just kept trying to use Aeroga every turn while silenced.

The second one can be damage rushed in 1 turn with Brave + Blizzara spam if you have 4 Black Mages for the boost from Black Resonance passive. I was level 9 or 10 but I'm sure it'd work at lower than that, especially with lots of + magic attack equipment.

For the third one, have Ninja as primary or secondary on everyone. even at level 1 you can use it to evade. Black Magic is also pretty good to have but you may or may not want it on everyone. I was able to beat the Minotaur at level 10-11 on Hard mode like this. Also, it's vulnerable to Poison, which at least on Hard mode since I'm not sure how HP on enemies is affected by difficulty was doing 810 damage per turn(10% max HP). If you can get evasion up for everyone and get it poisoned, you can focus on defaulting and renewing evasion. Then once he braves, you can counter with your own brave.

I'm stuck on the 4th one now, but I figure I just need to level up my jobs, maybe characters some, get better equipment, and set better skills once I learn them.

User Info: NuNou

4 years ago#5
Here's my setup for all the bosses with no weapon obtain form the village....
Got through hard mode bosses with this.

Class: Performer
Weapon: Oaken Rod?(Don't Remember but the one you can buy in the shop that's a staff)
Armor: what you can get or the best you can get.
Abilites for everyone:
Multitask - Buff up for the healer
Angelic Ward

Have ninjutsu as the second skill for everyone but agnes so they can use Iku(w/e its called)
Agnes should have white magic as the second ability.

Strategy here:
-Default till 2 for everybody
-Brave once with agnes and use power of love then heal if necessary
-When three are at three, Brave everyone but agnes and use the ability that doubles your attack
-Heal up with agnes and wait to default again with everyone.
Got me through Minotaur and above, agnes is the healer because I think she has more mana.

If you want to grind then go to the desert ruins area and brave four times with everybody and you must have the encounter rate at 200%,
Move around and you should encounter a horde of 6 goblin things which you will kill for Job points.
Turn on Auto with the Y button, IIRC, and speed up the the battle.

you want to level these classes:
Ninja - Until you get Multitask and Double Attack thing(if it's not on ninja then try sword master~)
White mage - all 3 but one, that one being 4 for Cura - Get's Angelic Ward
Knight - Till level two for Two-hand.

Two-hand actually allows you to do more than one damage and gives you around 55-65 attack power in the performer class because it's S ranked, IIRC.
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User Info: Relius_Infinity

4 years ago#6
I had a swordmaster level 3 (main level 13)
ninja level 4 (main level 14)
knight level 1 (main 14)
and a black mage level 3 (main 14)
With the swordmaster i Braved x3 and did one counter thing, Rest were attacks,
ninja brave x2 1x ikkekise (whatever it's called) and attacks.
knight brave x3 4x attack
black mage brave x3 thundara x4.
1 Turn overkill.
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User Info: King_of_Flan

4 years ago#7
Upgrade Norande and buy better weapons. I had trouble with the Minotaur until I got my Swordmaster and Valkyrie a good sword and spear.
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User Info: JC_EXE

4 years ago#8

They are just that good for Minotaur and the rest.
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