Bravely Default: Information And Answers For Potential Buyers

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User Info: Rikashi

3 years ago#1

Seriously, don't. I want to make this into one cohesive big post, so please resist the urge to screw around or butt in until I'm done posting the whole thing.


Okay, so lately I've been seeing a lot of the same questions being asked many times, mostly about the so-called DLC, how Brave and Default exactly works, different versions, exchanging Friend Codes and censorship. There still seems to be quite a lot of confusion about these issues though, so as someone who already owns a copy of BD, I've decided to collect these questions in one handy guide and answer them as clearly and objective as possible.

What and who is this guide for?

First of all, these posts are meant for people who have heard or are in some way familiar with this game, and might even be considering buying it. I won't be discussing any tips, tricks or strategies. Only information that is useful to know for potential buyers will be posted here. As such, I'll keep any information about the story or characters to an absolute minimum.

What kind of issues will you discuss here?

These things seem to cause the most confusion around here, so in order of appearance I will be talking about the following subjects:

- General overview: What kind of RPG is this?

- Bravely Defaulting: What is it, and what does it mean?

- Exchanging Friend Codes: What is it good for?

- Different Versions: Why have I seen different names for the same game?

- Micro-transactions: In what form does it exist in Bravely Default?

- Censorship: Has this game been significantly altered in any way?
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User Info: Rikashi

3 years ago#2

You may have heard all the commotion and hype surrounding Bravely Default already. Some hail it as the rebirth of the (J)RPG era, while others think this game is over-hyped and will only disappoint. However, I find that only a few gave actual facts about what to expect. I won't be saying too much to avoid spoilers, nor is it my job to convince you to buy this, but you can look forward to the following:

- A mostly old-school RPG inspired by the older Final Fantasy games. Turn-based battles. Random encounters. Visiting towns and buying gear. Anyone having ever played one of the classic 90's RPG's that were so prevalent on SNES and PS1 consoles will be pleased to find a lot of the old mechanics brought back.

- An epic adventure that will take you quite some time to complete, considering this is a handheld game after all. I took about 90 hours to complete everything, but this does include grinding jobs. I'd say that anyone who doesn't purposely rush through it would spend at least 40 hours playing.

- Jobs. Remember the job system in FF5? It's back. 26 classes are available to you, each having their own abilities and support skills. You can mix the stats of one job with the abilities of another to find out just what suits you best. For instance, being a White Mage that has access to White Magic, but has Black Magic as a sub-skill in case healing isn't needed and you want the extra damage instead.

- A setting reminiscent of old FF games. You'll find no shortage of airships, crystals, white and black magic and other shout-outs to Square-Enix's biggest RPG's series.

- Story centered around the main cast and side characters. Bravely Default does not have an incredibly epic story, but focuses more on fleshing out the characters in it and how they interact with each other.

I'd recommend anyone who's even slightly curious to try out the demo in the eShop. It is completely unrelated to the main story, but it does give a decent impression of what BD is all about.
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User Info: Rikashi

3 years ago#3

Besides being the name of this game, it's also one of the major gameplay mechanics that separates it from other RPG's. In layman's terms, it's a way to micro-manage the actions of your characters in a turn-based setting that (to my knowledge) hasn't been done before.

Keep in mind that in my explanation, I will be talking about both 'turns' and 'actions'. When referring to turns, I mean one round of combat where both enemy and allies get to choose what they want to do. When I'm talking about actions, I mean the things somebody does like healing, attacking or using an item.

This game uses a point-based system to determine the amount of actions a character can take in one turn, called BP or Brave Points. At the end of every turn, everyone gets one BP to use. At the start of a normal battle, every character start with zero BP.

Yes, zero.

it might sound a little weird to start with zero, considering you'd need BP to even take any action. However, it is possible to go into the negative with BP. Let's say everyone takes one action this turn, ending at -1 BP. The turn is over, and everyone's BP is restored to zero.

As you can see, it s important to understand the zero BP does not equal not being able to do anything. In fact, zero BP is often the status quo.

Now, we introduce the concept of Defaulting. Other RPG's often have a block command, which does little besides slightly reducing the damage you take. In BD, Defaulting not only means you reduce any damage (both physical and magical) coming at you during that turn, but also save the BP you would have spend otherwise.

So if you start a battle with zero BP, but Default on the first turn, you defend yourself. You also get another BP the next turn, meaning you now have +1. Defaulting basically comes down to saving BP so you can take several actions the next turn. One can save up to three (four, with a skill from one particular job) at once.

You got that? Good.

Now let's spice things up a little.

The counterpart of Defaulting is Braving. When you do this, you choose to use multiple BP to take more than one action in one turn. Let's go back to my previous example.

I'm at +1 BP now. I Brave one time, meaning I can take two actions. You could, for instance, use one to heal yourself and another to attack. I'm at -1 BP, but once the turn passes I get another one and get to act again.

You may want to use your INT buffs now, 'cause things might get a little complicated.

One does not necessarily need to have BP in order to spend it. Another example will illustrate this.

For instance, for some reason I find myself facing the dreaded grumpy cat-beast. since the battle has just started, I currently 'have' zero BP. I go all-out and Brave three times. My BP is now at -3. I attack, but the beast manages to survive. I now have to wait three turns for my BP to refill itself (one BP per turn) while the beast gets to act every turn. I would be smarter if I had Defaulted first to block damage, and save BP at the same time.

Of course, if I was able to destroy the beast right away my Brave tactic was perfectly viable. Since you always start with zero BP at the beginning of the next battle, you can simply Brave a lot during random encounters or other weak enemies and wipe them out right away.

This is in a nut-shell the whole premise of the BD system: knowing when to act and when to wait. If this sounds a little simple, well, I can tell you that it gets a lot more engaging and strategic later on, when both you and your enemies get the ability to influence BP gain.

I'm sorry if this example seems needlessly drawn out, but I think it should get the point across. In case it stills sound confusing, let me assure you that the BP system is pretty simple and easy to grasp once you play the actual game itself.
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User Info: Rikashi

3 years ago#4

You might have seen those threads talking about exchanging Friend Codes and gotten your hopes up, but there is no such thing as a functional multiplayer. Instead, the game offers you two options to have some interaction in in-game with other players.

The first is called Friend Summon. In battles, you can summon the avatars of other players to perform an action for you. This action can be customized and then sent to other players. For instance, I can have a level 50 Black Mage cast Thundera and use it as my move. When other players register my FC, they can then summon my mage to attack their enemies.

There is no real restriction on what kind of summon you use. If you have a level 99 Knight registered who can decimate all enemies with one strike, you could 'cheat' yourself through most of the game with no trouble. On the other hand, if you play with people who are progressing through the game with the same rate as you, it might be handy to have them registered to profit from their abilities (since it will be likely that they use different jobs then you).

How you choose to use this option is up to you, and it is completely optional as well. You won't miss anything important either way.

The second benefit from having friends is called Abilink. This enables you to use to uses the abilities of jobs, even if you haven't developed your characters in that particular job yet.

Let's go back to my level 50 Mage. Somebody else might link his level 50 Knight to my mage, which gives him the ability to cast Black Magic as a sub-skill despite never having trained as one himself. Thanks to this, he is still able to use magic when he really needs it.

All in all, having many friends registered can give you a lot of versatility earlier on when your current jobs just aren't fit for the situation and you don't feel like leveling them in other jobs just yet.
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User Info: Rikashi

3 years ago#5

Another thing that seems to cause some confusion. Bravely Default is known for having three different subtitles: Flying Fairy, For The Sequel and Where The Fairy Flies. Functionally, there is no difference between FTS and WTFF. I'll just go explain these real quick in case anyone thinks FTS refers to an actual sequel (which has been announced, though).

- Flying Fairy: This is how the game was first released in Japan (and only there).

- For The Sequel: This name has been the cause of some confusion. For The Sequel was the re-release of Flying Fairy, but with some minor updates. Only small things like been able to set the encounter rate (more, less, or no random encounters at all) and more have been added. This version was only released in Japan and areas as well.

- Where The Fairy Flies: Basically the world-wide release of BD. WTFF is the same when compared to FTS, only localized for Western audiences.

- Bravely Second: The announced sequel. I'll get to the 'Second' part of the title later in the DLC section. After completing Bravely Default, the player is rewarded with a teaser for an upcoming sequel. To my knowing, there hasn't been a confirmed Western release, but judging by the sales in the PAL region, I think it is safe to say we'll get it eventually.
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User Info: Rikashi

3 years ago#6

The cause of many discussions and raging, some even claiming it ruins the entire game. I'm not here to give an opinion about it, but objectively speaking the micro-transaction affect next to nothing in-game.

The only things you can buy right now with real money are Sleep Potions, which upon use give you Sleep Points. These Sleep Points can be used in battles to pause all combat, and allow you to take actions by spending SP instead of BP.

In a way, you can consider SP a form of 'pay-to-win'. However, SP can also be gained by leaving Bravely Default in sleep mode (closing your 3DS without shutting it off) at a rate of 1 SP per eight hours. As such, there is no content that is 'locked' beyond any pay wall. Personally, I don't find SP to be all that useful anyway.

A Sleep potion current costs 0.99 Euro's or 0.89 Pounds, depending on your region and restore 3 SP upon use. The NA version will probably have them at the same cost as the PAL region.
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User Info: Rikashi

3 years ago#7

As with all games, some aspects tend to be changed during localization to better appeal to Western audiences. In this case, some things have been changed that caused quite an uproar from some boards. This section is just here to explain what has changed.

also, I should mention that all these changes apply to the PAL version. Though it is likely to be the same in the NA release, it could still be possible that things might get censored or un-censored so don't take these changes as final.

The main characters have aged a bit. In the Japanese version, they were around 15 to 16 years old, while the PAL release has changed this to 18 to 20.

Furthermore, some costumes have been slightly altered to cover up more skin. This picture from IGn illustrates it perfectly:

These two things have caused some backlash among certain parts of the fans. Whether or not you think it is an issue worth worrying about is up to you. I'm just saying that the changes are purely cosmetic and don't affect the gameplay in any way.


That's it for now. Not sure if this should be stickied or just bumped every once in a while, but I thought it might be useful to have all this information is one thread. Suggestions are welcome, and thank you if you actually read through the whole thing :D
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User Info: LostSoldier20

3 years ago#8
Sticky requested. You cover pretty much every topic needed.
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User Info: Relius_Infinity

3 years ago#9
How do you post a sticky? I might not be high enough yet, but I would really like this stickied as it covers all my questions.
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User Info: raikou68

3 years ago#10
Sticky requested
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