Bravely Default: Information And Answers For Potential Buyers

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User Info: BahamutKaiser

3 years ago#41
More like, to less offend American parents, given that the game has such little sex appeal anyway, I don't really see the point of showing skin, now if the game wasn't in DK mode and had better animation, hmm...
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User Info: edigital23

3 years ago#42
Well said.
Playing Bravely Default on 3DS..

User Info: rechajulay

3 years ago#43
Hi all,

i am planning to get this game, but i need one last push to get it ASAP or i'll procrastinate as long as possible while playing Rune Factory 4 lol.
Does this game have funny dialogues? I just love games with silly dialogue and funny character interaction such as phoenix wright series, skits in the Tales of Abyss, etc.
I have played the demo but the dialogue doesn't entertaining enough for me. Hope the full game is different.


User Info: edigital23

3 years ago#44
@rechajulay. I think there is humor in the dialogue. A bit of overacting with some of the voice actors, but still entertaining.
Playing Bravely Default on 3DS..

User Info: vihena

3 years ago#45
to comment on SP not being very useful, it actually is, especially against bosses. When you trigger one, it removes the 9999 damage limit. I've been able to do over 100,000 damage to a boss with that. for your anime and video game needs.

User Info: fruit_ketchup

3 years ago#46
The music is cheesy and awful.
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User Info: Gun_Chariot

3 years ago#47
I was told that bravely default for the sequel for the japan 3ds has english subtitles too. how do i turn them on?

User Info: zeldamaster2

3 years ago#48
Hi Guys,

I'm thinking of buying this game. I already played a bit of the demo; I thought the battle system was really fun, but I'm not sure about how the game story progresses. Would you say the game progression is fun if you enjoy the battle system? What kind of level design elements should I expect? Is it linear or is there a lot of exploration? Are there mazes / complicated dungeons with hidden objects to find. Are there a lot of sidequests and collectibles? How's grinding in the game?
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User Info: Tylendal

3 years ago#50
One question that will make or break this game for me. When can you save? I want a portable game, one that I can play for ten minutes on the bus. Can I save at any time (outside of battles at least), or can I only save at certain locations, or have to activate some sort of save station?
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