Is Belphegor (-) worth fighting?

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User Info: ShinamiTsuyoki

3 years ago#1
I have a bunch in my village and am finally of a suitable level to fight him. However, I'd have to rework my party and level my two fighters as mages for a bit, and then the fight might be irritating since speed can get jumbled easy and have turn orders I didn't want.

I know Nemeses have Bun drops, but I've also heard that with the lower level Nemeses it's a rare thing and that they also deteriorate over time or something? I just want to be sure I'll get good JP/EXP/PG and at least on most of them a drop before I go changing and training a new party just to fight these.
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User Info: ShinamiTsuyoki

3 years ago#2
Friend Code: 0232-8811-0984 (PM if you add)
Pokemon Y - Yvonne - Currently playing Bravely Default and Fire Emblem Awakening

User Info: Volcaniosis

3 years ago#3
If you have sword magic, you can use a monk's hidden fist or whatever (I'm totally blanking on what it's called) because that always goes last, some other class (something slow, like a knight, that will go second), a white mage to heal, and a thief to attack (it will almost always go first). First turn use sword magic on everyone, second turn attack with the attackers once and heal with the mage, then just turn on auto. It'll be dead in no time. (Its Firaja hurts, though... :( )

No idea about the deterioration of drop rate, I want to say it's just a rumour that people keep repeating but I don't know for certain.

You might as well just fight them, it isn't a hard battle by any means (if it is, just level up more I guess). You can save beforehand and kill it/reset until you get at least a bun each time anyways, so it's no big deal. Also, it does give EXP and JP, I don't think any pg though.
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User Info: TrueDozenMarks

3 years ago#4
I'm saving one Belphegor - for when I get Vampire so I can learn Firaja. The rest I'll just take down.

User Info: blowtrees

3 years ago#5
Yah I thought it was fun just to do it. I couldn't at 23, but came back at 28 after Summoner quest with -ara spells and did him in. Without those I wouldn't have been able to drop his summons in time.

Used 1BM as suggested somewhere on this board, and the rest WM for healing, backup attacking on default rounds. WAY easier than trying to predict the turn order of 3 other characters with ridiculously close AGI.

User Info: Phantomx000

3 years ago#6
It might be the fact that as more people level up and go through the story there will be less lower level nemesis being sent out. At least that is how I understood it but I could be wrong.

Tho what you get seems first day I ended up with two lvl 99s and a lvl 70.... does not bode well when your only level 4.

As far as Bel fight goes I ran thief/spell fencer, white/black, black/freelancer, knight/spell for my first kill.

Use the examine ability of the freelancer to inspect bel, then use your black mage spells on him alone. spell fencers are to mop up his spawnlings and white mage is just to keep everyone alive.

His elemental weakness change in a specific order so its not hard to figure what spell to use next after you fight him once or twice. If your taking too much dmg to his fire attack then you may need to level up a bit (xp/jp/equip).
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User Info: riexau

3 years ago#7
I killed him at base levels (1/1/5/6) in 1 round with 4 thieves and angel bows.

sub black mage (or red mage)

set rapid fire to: fire, +30%, aerial

brave x2 > cast ice > cast lightning > special rapid fire
repeat for every character

premise being he won't change his weakness unless you hit it. this way he'll always be weak to fire when your first rapid fire lands. then your other chars will cycle his weaknesses as appropriate
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User Info: T77917885

3 years ago#8
An easy way to auto beat him is brave twice with your black mage and cast the chain fire water lighting in whatever he starts of weak too.have 2 performers cast one more for you on the mage and a white mage cat cura all.
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User Info: jrco666

3 years ago#9
Hey just wanted to let people know my strategy for beating the nemesis Belphegor. He's actually really easy. Once you examine him with the freelancer skill. I used default with all but whoever I had attacking. Attacker braves 4 times. Use elemental weakness, but be aware it changes every time, but follows a specific order. The order is the same as how they line up, fire, blizzard, and then thunder. If his weakness is blizzard, the attack would be blizzard, thunder, fire, blizzard. If you forget what weakness your on move the joystick to the left. Awesome thing is you never have to examine again. At the start of every battle with him just hit left, and you'll see his weakness. I used two healers and alternated my attackers, but if your healer is great may only need one. For abilities all characters had abate fire. My attackers had 10% M Att up, and healers had 10% M Def up. I ignored the balls he summons till after I beat him. They follow the same rules to defeat but are far easier. I hope you guys find that useful.
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