Official Friend Summon/Code Request Thread v4

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User Info: CorranHalcyon

3 years ago#11
3DS Friend Code - 5214-9954-6879

User Info: bearsfanedj

3 years ago#12
I've still got room to add people. Make sure to PM me so I can return the favor.

My code is 1607-2824-2823
PSN: the_EDJ -- Twitch: the_EDJ
The AALoA Madden Franchise and NCAA Dynasty:

User Info: ShadowInTheMyst

3 years ago#13
Adding to the registry, but also in my signature. Adding all friends, actively playing.
3DS FC: 1821-9677-2671

User Info: Sythlia

3 years ago#14
Active player, always looking for more Bravely Default friends. :)

FC: 3067-4358-0401
~*~Washed away by the darkest water, The world is peaceful and still~*~ Xenogears, Small Two Of Pieces

User Info: khairiste

3 years ago#15
add me FC 3153 5343 4487

User Info: xtr3megaiden

3 years ago#16
Add me!

my friend code is 169309173619

PM with you code and I will add you back within 24 hours.

User Info: Zarozian

3 years ago#17
I see that this is new.

I hit nearly 40,000 with my Alternis Dim's Black Bane.

I will check back frequently in this thread for more adds.

For now I will add the following people above me.


User Info: neostelar0629

3 years ago#18
I need 2 people who have both maxed out Freelancer and Performer. I'm running low on space on my friends list so that is all I can take for now. My FC is in my sig. Please pm me. :3
3DS FC: 4699 - 6429 - 2262
Gen 5 FC: 4815 - 0509 - 1982

User Info: Araedea

3 years ago#19
Looking to add a few new friends

FC 0147-0450-8908

Just inbox me, so I can add you back

User Info: Krone606

3 years ago#20
My friend code is 3265 6361 3290

The name is amanda. Add me please
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