Official Friend Summon/Code Request Thread v4

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User Info: solimiano

3 years ago#461
Add me if you can, just started playing :)
FC: 5386-9235-0416

User Info: dgriffis1

3 years ago#462
Added gunslinger, DrTheses, Resplendance and solimiano and Aranvor. :-)
FC 1246-8729-6252

Feel free to add me. PM or post here.

User Info: Aranvor

3 years ago#463
I have added everyone on the last few pages. Level 82 most jobs leveled.

FC 4699-7197-8550


User Info: stillwinds

3 years ago#464
Hi! I just got the game yesterday. Please add me too :D

Gonna start adding FCs from the previous pages.
FC: 4785 - 4712 - 6798

User Info: Efferus88

3 years ago#465
Hi I just started recently, but my here is my info, FC 2680 8995 0750

User Info: cloud3138

3 years ago#466
My friend code is in my signature,and the name is Cloudkitty,please add me. If you added please PM me,thanks
3ds Friend Code:3883-5742-3750
Please add me.
(message deleted)

User Info: IcedMetal

3 years ago#468
1091-9559-8201 fairly new to the game, im adding everyone in this page

User Info: P_angelo

3 years ago#469
Hi, just starting the game after waiting a month to get a new shipment here lol

FC: 2938-7237-5178

User Info: rubbermanabood

3 years ago#470
Want more friend codes! and people with maxed all jobs would be awesome! but I'll add everyone.
FC: 1332-9063-7824
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