Official Friend Summon/Code Request Thread v4

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User Info: Redpandar

3 years ago#491
1. Mammon with megalixir
2. Max level
3. All jobs maxed
4. 197,032 Power Thunderburst (Single-Target Special) +50% P.Atk
5. Update daily

Pm me if you added me. I'm too lazy to add everyone on board, only people who pm me with their FC.

FC: 2251-5934-3593

User Info: Neiji82

3 years ago#492

PM me after adding.
Bravely Default FC: 1461-6720-9498

User Info: Witecat1

3 years ago#493
Hey everyone. My friend code is 3497-0075-2578. Hope I can help you guys out! Also, no need to PM me. I'll check the 3DS often enough. Will add a new summon data regularly.
I'm not Evil, I'm morally Challenged! =^^=

User Info: DemonicDragonX

3 years ago#494
I'm high level, in chapter 5, if anyone needs a high level summon to help them with bosses and whatnot, I typically update every day and do between 10-20K damage so far(getting better as I progress obviously)

Just send me a PM letting me know you added me, and I'll add you back. :) Still got 60 empty friend slots on my DS
Xbox G-Tag: LorecDronso 3DS FC - 3351 4308 2313 (Pokemon Y)
I feel like Bill Nye, trying to explain to Ken Ham, how wrong he is, when posting on Gamefaqs.

User Info: avgHavoc

3 years ago#495

Pm me if you add ill be sure to add you back.

User Info: wpcloki

3 years ago#496

Loki - 5215-0524-4716

I'm just starting out, but hopefully i can be of some help :)

PM me if you add me and I'll get you added back asap

User Info: magicman_jinn

3 years ago#497
Just starting out as well.

Jinn - 4227 - 0829 - 6123

Will be of much help in the future, just PM for the add :P

User Info: Snapper8120

3 years ago#498
Looking for more friends. My friend code is in signature.
3DS Friend Code (3179-6061-4890)

User Info: YamiYaiba

3 years ago#499
Hi all. I'm currently at lv56 and in need of abilinks and summons. I'll try to send ~9999dmg specials as often as I can. Please add me.

FC is 4511-1636-8738
Seek the Truth, Behold the Truth, Reveal the Truth.
That is the Law and the whole of the Law
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