How did you set up your party

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User Info: theScythesensei

3 years ago#1
By this I mean what role does each member play mage, healer, and tank so on so forth
In my case I've set Tiz as the hero examine ninja
Agnes as the healer with silence immunity and some black magic
Ringabel as the black mage who is the opposite to Agnes
Edea runs as my tank

User Info: Radbot42

3 years ago#2
Tiz is my Pirate Swordmaster (DAMAGE)
Agnes is my White Mage (was black mage too, but it became useless to me)
Ringabell is my thief ninja (DAMAGE EVADE)
Edea..... has been quite the experiment, currently she is a Valk, Swordmaster... not too sure if I like it...
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User Info: anondum

3 years ago#3
for most of the game I had edea/tiz as melee, agnes as mage, ringabel as support. right now I use

ninja/spell fencer edea- auto attacker
swordmaster/pirate tiz- counter amp+revenge
vampire/time mage agnes- phantom blade meteors/-jas
performer/spirit master ringabel- dancin!

User Info: Concession

3 years ago#4
Agnes is healer/support

Edea is physical attacker

Ringabell is physical attacker/ tank

Tiz has been doing everything. Red mage/swordmaster/theif/white mage/tank. He just does whatever.
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User Info: noz3r0

3 years ago#5
Tiz and Ringabel as damage, Agnes heals and Edea is the damage mage.

Tiz: Vampire/Swordmaster
Agnes: Spirit Healer/White Mage
Edea: Arcanist/Black Mage
Ringabel: Valkyrie/Freelancer (only for Examine)
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User Info: Count_Sylverion

3 years ago#6
Tiz - Dark Knight

Edea - Dark Knight (bravo bikini)

Ringabel - Spiritmaster/White Mage

Agnes - Vampire/Templar

User Info: VincentGB

3 years ago#7
Tiz has been my tank most of the game currently Knight/Pirate.

Agnes healer. Spiritmaster/White Mage

Ringabel Phys damage: Ninja/Spell Fencer

Edea Phys Damage: Valkyier/Spell Fencer

User Info: Lime1305

3 years ago#8
I'm only in Chapter 2, but so far I have broken them down as such:

Tiz - Utility unit, with Thief abilities always active.
Agnes - Support Mage (Time Mage / White Mage)
Edea - Physical Tank (Spell fencer / Knight, will probably abandon Knight for Valkyrie when I get it)
Ringabel - Offensive Mage (Black Mage / Summoner / White Mage)

My first playthrough of any game where my characters are malleable like this I try to make my units have a niche. I am curious to see how they evolve as I gain more classes. I have tried to avoid reading up on the classes too much so I can try them out on my own.

I really like the idea behind the Ranger class, but man, that outfit is flat out ridiculous... It almost pains me to see Tiz in story cutscenes wearing that getup. I can't take him seriously. I may have to give him a different subclass to work on just so I don't have to see him in that for cutscenes...
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User Info: SMTFan123

3 years ago#10
Agnes: Spiritmaster/White Mage with Epic Group Cast/Holy One
Edea: Ninja/Spellfencer with two katanas and Hawkeye/Precision/Frenetic Fighting
Ringabel: Pirate/Swordmaster with whatever???
Tiz: Monk/Performer with Save Singing MP and some other stuff. Mainly buffs and uses Pressure Point at times.

And I have Hasten World on one character, not sure which.
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