Have Level 99/Job 14 on all + 999999 damage. You need a friend?

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  3. Have Level 99/Job 14 on all + 999999 damage. You need a friend?

User Info: jdias3

3 years ago#31
How are you hitting 999999? The best I can do is like 500k :(
Bravely Default FC: 5472-7653-1688 - All jobs Mastered. 300k+ Send Move. PM me if you add me.

User Info: CeruleanGamer

3 years ago#32
Added everyone who added me so far. Anyone who hasn't were not added.

@jdias3: Read the post I made to bezlaskez. You should get 999,999 damage no problem even if you haven't maxed jobs or hit 99.

I'll update daily and I'll delete people in my list who stay in the same level for 3 days and make room for more friends who are more active, so keep supporting the game, play and update at least once a day. ^_^

Might do a 999,999 magic defense piercing AoE damage against all setup later. Stay tuned because I am still experimenting and coming up with an awesome name for it. :)
Official Emperor Mateus of the DDFF Boards. 3DS Friend Code: 0275-9131-6763

User Info: ScubaRec0n

3 years ago#33
Added you, thanks in advance if you add me back

0387-9740-8563 ScubaRec0n

User Info: Raijin_24

3 years ago#34
Add me please 0344 9373 6227

User Info: yourgoingdown2

3 years ago#35
Added you. Thanks for the add back :)

User Info: Vinailt

3 years ago#36
Added you! My FC is in my sig.

Everyone else can feel free to add me. Just PM me when you do so I can add you back.
FC: 4785-5757-5402 (I accept all invites, just PM me with your code)
Games: Pokemon X/Y, Bravely Default, Harvest Moon 3D.

User Info: Ceydra

3 years ago#37
An add would be AMAZING. My fc is in my sig (:
3DS FC: 3652-0859-2735

User Info: Andy525

3 years ago#38
I got the game TC, will update my data daily and provide you a decent summon, than attacking 4 times lol. Anyone else please add me, on this topic only 4 add me back.

We all need friends right?

3DS FC {2595-1963-8407} - PSN AndilX
Dragon Dogma Pawn: Maryam - Fighter lv.35 - Pioneer/Scather

User Info: ForgottenIdeal

3 years ago#39
Added you Cerulean, my own FC is 1392-4977-8273.

User Info: ricardo199

3 years ago#40
adding you now but just started but will grow to 99!!
Pokemon X: Rion/Arduno FC: 3866 - 9215 - 1512
my Safari: Steel type (Forretress, Magnemite and Excadrill)
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