dragons: does wearing relative charm work?

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User Info: silktail

3 years ago#11
I know and don't care that the ability can be countered with spells because my initial grievance is that a passive ability can be removed and ignored constantly because it counts as a status effect rather than an actual passive ability.

But they aren't counted as status effects. If an enemy casts dispel on a character then the passive resistances remain.

Th dragon's skill is just a special Boss Ability, which changes your resistance/etc into a weakness. The 1 slot elemental resistance abilities weren't designed to be that good and override it.

Or as a bad comparison: You can boost your Speed with passive abilities, but that doesn't prevent the enemy from casting Slow and managing to act first still.

User Info: Dork_Vader

3 years ago#12
Turn Tables, Transience, BP Recovery, 2 slots of your choice, one character with Hasten World.

The elemental debuff gives 2 BP, the breaths give 1 BP, bite attacks give 1 BP and a counterattack. You never take damage and can beat it up with just melee attacks simply enough.
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  3. dragons: does wearing relative charm work?

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