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User Info: Rokoshu

3 years ago#1
*ahem...*I AM GETTING MY ASS HANDED TO ME! i mean what the actual F***?! i go into a cave run into the 6 goblin things and i'm like "oh, must be a basic level enemy i'm sure it'll take one or two attacks to dispatch them" and then come their turn i get bombarded by arrows and bludgeoned by maces, and to my horror after all three but my knight got KO'd i figured i'd test how much health one monster has and found they had some pretty chunky amounts, so after running and trying to make it back to an inn i get ambushed by a giant tiger and figured "oh well its literally outside the city, it can't be that hard to kill" no… i just can't use logic to fight in this game can i? so am i missing something here?

sad thing is, i like the challenge but i wish i knew what i was doing wrong.
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User Info: DragonCactus

3 years ago#2
Ah, that happens. You'll have to run out around the town fighting the enemies outside for a while before going into any caves and such. The night enemies are stronger so be careful.
Also, here's another tip: the longer you drag out the battle, the worse it'll go. If you can, max out the Braves for all four characters in a wild attempt to defeat the enemy in one go, at least until you're strong enough to return to the caves and such. Defeating the enemy in one turn is a very good strategy for surviving in one piece, and you'll often get bonuses for doing such, at least in the full game, I don't recall if that happens in the demo. In any case. Your BP will be just fine for the next battle so a little risk-taking doesn't hurt.
Try to utilize the secondary job characteristics and such to your max--those can make or break a battle, especially for bosses. Also, work with jobs that work best for you.
Hope this helps.
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User Info: Hirokey123

3 years ago#3
If it makes you feel better the demo is really unbalanced it's meant to give you a taste of the game mechanics so it sacrifices balance for that. The actual game is a lot more balanced.
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User Info: GatedSunOne

3 years ago#4
I'll have to agree with the above poster.

...For the most part, BD is considered a niche JRPG title for "hardcore" fans of the genre. You can get away with playing it like a traditional RPG for the first few chapters...but eventually, you will need to play by their Brave/Default rules or even the ordinary monsters will flatten you.

I was heavily discouraged by the time I hit Chaugmar the first time. I wouldn't have made out through the rest of the game even on Normal Difficulty without help from YouTube and FAQs. Don't give up!
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User Info: Rokoshu

3 years ago#5
shoulda probably done easy first then, but all iknow is the snakes steam role me, white cats one shot me and the patter seems somewhat manageable… but everything else either overwhelms me with numbers or one shotting my whole party
"I Shall Hump this Stack of Pancakes And Drink Teh Rums or I'm not Captain Drunken arse" Person666

User Info: ReddShope

3 years ago#6
Nah you're fine on normal. Change your jobs around to maximize speed and attack until you level up. Use some ninjas that dual wield first. Work on those classes.
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