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User Info: shiftyfitz

3 years ago#191
Add me FC: 2251-5553-1121 name: Demonreach

User Info: esuhterik

3 years ago#192
Already in chapter 4 and nearing awakening the earth crystal.

Add me up and PM me so that I can also add you guys! Thanks!

Updated every day with skills and summon. Thank you.
3DS FC: 2895 7870 1891

User Info: Avat333

3 years ago#193
Playing Bravely Default Chapter. 2 FC 0748-3396-8306 add me I will add you.

User Info: Darkshadowema

3 years ago#194
I just bought the game so if anyone still plays add me
3DS FC 3540-0380-0882

User Info: aeriysis

3 years ago#195
please add me as well~
i just started playing.
Pm me if you add! c:
my fc: 4270 2465 6190

User Info: bishopgolem

3 years ago#196
add me please, and ill add you also

3582-9578-1865 - pump

User Info: sciicers

3 years ago#197
Hey i have no friend, anyone wants to change that? ;)
Why dost thee hurry toward thine death?
gt: jesaiya

User Info: abrogated

3 years ago#198
FC is in my sig, PM me if you add me.
PSN: Abrogated
3DS Fc: 3711-9232-2531

User Info: LuckHeart

3 years ago#199
just added aeriysis and aborgated. also prefer if you PM if you added me
PSN - VpLuck
3DS FC - 2337-2876-5469

User Info: Solgath

3 years ago#200
just feel free to add me, i'll know what its for, will try to PM anyone i add, my FC is in my sig.
3DS Name: Solgath, FC: 4055-5220-4982
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