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User Info: parafire

3 years ago#211
FC: 2380-4450-8276
Name: Parafire

I'll be adding a bunch of you as well.

User Info: ddkktt

3 years ago#212
please add my friend code: 1719-3532-6896 name:Daniel

User Info: XGreatKing

3 years ago#213

Add me, thanks
If you eat like a noob, you will be owned like a noob
~Legendary Hippo~

User Info: blackragna

3 years ago#214
Feel free to add me, i check this post regularly for updates :D

3ds FC: 1306-7400-8005

User Info: Alumnidark

3 years ago#215
Add 2981-7302-2283. Currently looking for someone with +11 Merchant Job Level and someone with whichever Mammon has Elixirs

User Info: shioshishio

3 years ago#216
added :)


User Info: ANBUSora

3 years ago#217
Started the game a couple of days ago, all adds are welcome and appreciated!
3DS FC: 1993-9399-8806

User Info: hunter1307

3 years ago#218
Currently working to max jobs (have all jobs up to swordmaster), am lv. 67, I try to send an update of my summoning (helping purposes), & would like to add people for helping & possible ablink of abilities/job lv.s I dont hav.
will add ppl who would like summoning help/ablink aid on my end too.
fc in sig
Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, but Today is a gift, That is why it is called the present
3DS Fc:2578-4407-5668

User Info: ultpaladin

3 years ago#219
Feel free to enter mine too, I will do the same for codes on here.

0748 1556 2337

User Info: bandages92

3 years ago#220
Fc= 4055-4967-9991
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