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User Info: Thanth

3 years ago#221
Add me to please. Added everyone on this list 0232-9319-4705

User Info: Nosferatu-Zodd

3 years ago#222
Added all previous posters, contributing my own; Friend Code: 5000-3583-3980

User Info: 1NJ3K71L0

3 years ago#223
add me please: FC in my Sig
3DS FC: 0559-7449-5337
Gamertag XBXL: INJ3K7IL0

User Info: Tresmen20

3 years ago#224
Add me: 3540-1123-4414

User Info: djoopa

3 years ago#225
I added everyone from past few days
FC 4425-1497-5460

User Info: Honaro

3 years ago#226

I'll add as many people as I can, got Bravely Default pretty recently and totally digging this game
Alcohol and Ice Cream, both are best cold, but I'll still take them warm.
Universal IGN: Kholdgrave

User Info: gentleman_supre

3 years ago#227
My fc 5043-2177-5463 :D

User Info: byakuugan425

3 years ago#228
Pls add me :)
My FC is 1005-9102-6021

User Info: NevaenBlake

3 years ago#229
Hey! Please add me!

1564 - 3445 - 2366

User Info: Avat333

3 years ago#230
Playing Bravely Default friend code is 0748-3396-8306 add me an I will add you.
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