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User Info: Flourescent15

3 years ago#31
Mine is 0860-3374-0878. Feel free to add me, anybody! :)

Edit: I also added almost everybody in the thread.
"Who can know if the path we choose is right or wrong? I will fear no reproach." - Tactics Ogre: LUCT

User Info: Vegetothe1st

3 years ago#32
I'm going to add everybody here. :)

My code is: 2681-0544-1656.

User Info: loki01220

3 years ago#33
Add me please! 1821-9481-4689

User Info: loki01220

3 years ago#34
i will be adding everyone here as well

User Info: loki01220

3 years ago#35
added everyone here happy gaming

User Info: Tanooki1992

3 years ago#36
Added everybody from the previous page. Also, I'll be checking this thread regularly, in case anybody want to me, I'll accept you all!
3DS Friend Code: 1091-8556-8848 (Looking for Bravely Default Buddies!)

User Info: talco_uno

3 years ago#37
I added everyone here. EVERYONE! My fc is in my sig. Thanks guys!
3DS 4270 1062 5872 [pansage quilladin ivysaur] PS Volunteer
Hax member of the Scouting Legion

User Info: socoro1910

3 years ago#38
My FC is 1075-0849-4719

I'm gonna add everyone on this topic
Just a little obs - I'm starting the demo now for the bonuses and the villagers but I already have the game, so I'll add now in the demo and transfer to the full game later - I guess that's not a problem, right?

User Info: NoJiTaKu

3 years ago#39
I have added everyone from the current page o:
Please add me back. My FC is 0018-1235-9858
Thank you! :-)

PS.: Just started the game a few days ago so I am not very far into it yet.
(message deleted)
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