So, is beaverly default the best RPG on 3DS?

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  3. So, is beaverly default the best RPG on 3DS?

User Info: OrangeCrush980

3 years ago#21
Absolutely not. Tales of the Abyss is much better.
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User Info: Patrick52Willis

3 years ago#22
Fire Emblem: Awakening....I would say though that it'd be this if you didn't have to replay things so much.
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User Info: American_Eagle0

3 years ago#23
of course not

one of the best soundtracks though :)

User Info: elken

3 years ago#24
Best 3DS games:

#1 Bravely Default
#3 Fire Emblem
#4 Ocarina of Time 3D
Heavy Metal !

User Info: trinitystorm

3 years ago#25
I think SMT IV and Bravely Default night be two of the best RPGs I've played on the 3DS. Wasn't a fan of EO (drawing maps is new to me.)

And this is even after the insanity that was chapter five through the finale.

User Info: TrueJustice123

3 years ago#26
Yes, yes, yes! There are so many reasons to play this game! There is... One... Not to... *Cough*Chapter 5+*Cough* but if you make it through that the payoff is SO worth it! This is by far the best RPG on 3DS, no doubt the best RPG, and the best video game! (Albeit, this is all my opinion, and Bravely Second is still on its way!
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User Info: anondum

3 years ago#27
I liked doing side quests and filling out backstories in chapters 5-8 more than chapters 1-4

User Info: wolfei132

3 years ago#28
BD's gameplay is pretty great but the story commits suicide after chapter 5. the story was going fantastic places around chapter 4 and 5, then they threw it away for a slog through snoozeville ended by a fight against a stereotypical 'cosmic abomination with absolutely zero previous characterization' that JRPG's love so much. The Braev and Alternis fights/scenes were the high points of the game.
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User Info: 258laza

3 years ago#29
ITT: Square fanboys, and Atlus fanboys clash, Monster Hunter 3U caught in the crossfire.
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User Info: Yami_no_Unmei

3 years ago#30
I definitely prefer SMT IV for an overall RPG experience - but I would probably call SMT my favorite RPG franchise overall (though Dragon Quest comes close), so I'm biased.

Interestingly though, I find that SMT IV and Bravely Default are both flawed, though for very different reasons. Bravely Default has all of the story issues that have already been mentioned here, there, and everywhere else. I found it all really frustrating especially because underneath all of that drudgery, there ARE some really interesting things going on in Bravely Default. It just takes so long for the game to finally get to that point and it's all buried underneath so much tedium and overinflated dialogue.

SMT IV does have some gameplay flaws though, and I found most of BD to be much more interesting in that aspect. There's the strange inverse difficulty curve wherein the first handful of bosses are truly a nightmare and then somewhere in midgame, the rest becomes a breeze. This is largely because of the changes to demon fusion which make demons essentially interchangable. You just end up re-fusing the same skillset over and over again on slightly improved demons and the second half of the game is simply not challenging or interesting (gameplay-wise). On the bright side though, SMT IV knows where its story is going and it knows how to get there without dragging the player through hours of mind-numbing repetition and idiotic main characters. The story is stronger than any of the other games in the SMT main series, and the overall experience of the game places it above Bravely Default for me.

Tl;dr: Appreciated both games for different reasons, give the overall nod to SMT IV.
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