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User Info: AnghellicKarma

3 years ago#1
Hopefully this will help you out, having at least one person in your Friends List in Bravely Default that has every job mastered:
My custom-made cake topper for my wedding:

User Info: Devnant

3 years ago#2
Please add me! Thanks!

FC: 1607-3484-8341

User Info: Branvj86

3 years ago#3
Thank you, my friend code is 5129-2603-8062
My user name is branvj.

User Info: Batos

3 years ago#4
Add me!

FC: 4640-0207-7653

User Info: ChzeLife

3 years ago#5
Add me please.
Chase: 4468-1422-6724

User Info: llat-2

3 years ago#6
add me please
3ds FC is 3282-1845-8230
username is t-2

User Info: loverrose

3 years ago#7
add me fc :2337-4240-9270

User Info: tallgeese13

3 years ago#8
Add me please!

FC: 1907-9463-4746
"Dear Lord! Bless this ****ing nub, oh Jesus. Bless him right in his stupid face."

User Info: Mujika

3 years ago#9
I too, have all jobs mastered, so feel free to add me as well!
FC: 2380-3118-2821, User ID is Marc

I have added Devnant, branvj, Batos, Chase, t-2, and tallgeese13 already
I don't need this on a sunday morning ... thank God it's wednesday
FC: 2380-3118-2821

User Info: orangputih

3 years ago#10
Sweet, I've added everyone above.
3DS FC: 0232-9652-2456 Buckwheat
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