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User Info: Dbowers5

3 years ago#11
Hey guys, add me please : )


User Info: Ost316

3 years ago#12
Finally got the game at the Best Buy sale; please give me an add.

User Info: Zeropositivo

3 years ago#13
Cheers for this pal. I really really badly need one


User Info: declanrowan

3 years ago#14
Reactivated my old account just for this. Add me please!

FC 3480-2713-1261

User Info: yoyoyo333

3 years ago#15
Add me guys! need abilinks: 0318 8830 8688
PSN= MajorOcelot

User Info: Bellethor

3 years ago#16
It's in my sig
Playing: Injustice, UMVC3, USF4, Pokemon Y, Diablo 3, DMC3/4
3DS Friend Code: 1220-8407-0131 GT: PaladinBrandon

User Info: ivanuchiha88

3 years ago#17
4055-3808-4444 add me n.n
im a bit new to the game, soplease let me know so i can add you too. but did add TC
PSN AibanSama DD pawn name SaekoBusujma SFxT raven,juri,rolento,poison,Lili SSF4 main , juri,cody,chars im learning:sakura

User Info: Leester77

3 years ago#18
I'm a new player to the game and would greatly appreciate new friends my friend code is

User Info: xmagxus

3 years ago#19
Adding a few people in this thread, my friend code is 2036-8838-2295 add me as well!
Gamertag: Jcnet
Everquest: Falore. 85 mage -Fennin Ro server

User Info: Dmac0725

3 years ago#20
Please add me
I'd appreciate the help.
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