Make your real job into a Bravely Default job

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User Info: BigStud0746

3 years ago#1
First, list your real job, then try to come up with skills, abilities, etc. for this game that are related to your real job.

I am a graduate student in biology, and I have taught several biology classes including Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy and Human Physiology.

In no particular order:

Research-Single Target-first use-functions like Examine plus adds info on this enemy into Research Notebook, second use-allow all allies to exploit family weakness for 4 turns.

Homeostasis-Targets all allies and enemies-removes debuffs from allies and removes buffs from enemies.

Top Down- Targets all allies and enemies-Lowers BP for those with high BP

Bottom Up-Targets all allies-Heals targets, the more HP is missing, the more HP is healed

Conservation-Targets all allies and enemies-Prevents Death effects and fatal damage for 2 turns (attacks that would kill target leave them with 1 HP)

Action Potential-Single Target-Raises target’s BP by 2

Crypsis- Single Target- Target cannot be targeted by a single target attack for 2 turns

Natural Selection-Targets all enemies-instantly kills all debuffed enemies, fails against bosses

Migration-Use on World Map-Choose and instantly encounter any non-boss enemy that is in the Research Notebook

Expert Researcher-Ability-Gain full bonus of Research after using it only once

Anatomic Strike-Targets a specific body part of an enemy, deals .75 of normal damage and adds an effect, effect depends on which part is struck.
Head-lowers MND and INT
Legs-lowers speed
Arms-lowers P.ATK
Torso-lowers P. DEF

Altruism-K.O.s the user to raise all K.O.ed allies to full health

Density Dependence-Ability-Reduce enemy stats based on the number of enemies in the battle. More enemies=lower stats for enemies, up to 25% reduction with more than 4 enemies. Does not work on bosses.

Enzymatic Catalization- Targets all allies- Halves the cost of all abilities for 4 turns.
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User Info: alt_reality

3 years ago#2
This will require some thought. I'll be back though.
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User Info: tmgimenes

3 years ago#3
Accountant Job

Don´t see how could that fit in a RPG game, but i think it would be more like the Merchant Job.
Save Money, Shopp discounts, and the like.

User Info: Kazseppi

3 years ago#4

1. Sweep
2. Sweep water
3. Shine brass
4. Skate
5. Stand by
6. Stand watch
7. Stand by to stand by
8. Sweep water in the rain
9. Set Zebra
10. Sleep deprevation
11. Segregate
12. Shellback
13. Sand paint to paint some more...
14. Sail

Truth had gone, truth had gone, and truth had gone.
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User Info: lucariofan23

3 years ago#5
undergrad psych major... sounds a lot more exciting than "unemployed." :P

I'll do this later, it sounds fun!
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User Info: TrueJustice123

3 years ago#6
Err... I wish I was old enough to a job, but I'll try to work my dream job into it!
*Two Hours Later*
Job: World Engineer (Video Game Creator, but Y'know, in a Video Game, that's pretty much a World Engineer)

Passive: Writer's Block
Description: Every programmer has those brain blockages every once in a while!
Info: At later levels, the Job becomes overpowered, so this balances it out by giving the character a 12.5% chance every turn to not preform any action when using an ability under the "Creativity" command. (This cannot be countered by using this as a secondary Job, as this job is only usable as a Primary)

Command Type: Creativity

Level 1: Program
Not Effected By Silence.
Description: Use a turn to write up code and on the next turn unleash a devastating attack!
Info: Use 1 turn to charge and on the second turn use a Non-Elemental Magical Attack for 2.5x the damage of a normal attack.

Level 2: Bug Patch
Support (3 Slots)
Description: Insert new code into the game to make you immune to some status ailments!
Info: Provides immunity to Poison, Silence, Blind, and Sleep

Level 3: Surprise Plot Device!
Effected by Silence
2 BP
Description: Confuse your enemies by creating a Plot Device that makes no sense! Be weary though, they will soon realize it is only an illusion!
Info: Confuse enemy Party (Ignores immunity) After 1 Turn, the confusion wears off.

Level 4: A Child's Creativity
Support (2 Slots)
Description: You tap into your inner child to boost your creativity to it's peak! But as a child, your writing is not so good.
Info: Doubles the Damage/Potency of "Creativity" type commands, but doubles the chance of "Writer's Block". (I.E., "Programming" would do 5x the damage of a normal magic attack, or "Surprise Plot Device!" would confuse the enemy for two turns.)

Level 5: ERROR
Effected by Silence
50% Max MP
Description: Oh no! You made a slip up in the code! You and your opponents both take the fall from that!
Info: Deals damage to everything on the field equal to 75% of their max health (capping at 9,999 damage, even in Bravely Second). Works on bosses.

Level 6: Just Think!
Support (2 Slots)
Description: Whenever you get that brain blockage, you might end up with a great idea! Just keep thinking!
Info: Whenever "Writer's Block" occurs, if you attempt the same command next turn, there is a chance equal to 50% of "Writer's Block" occurring (So, with the default 12.5% chance, that's a 6.25% chance) that the command will have double the normal damage/potency.

Level 7: Walkthrough
Effected by Silence
100% Max MP
Description: Don't worry, every one-in-a-while, you'll need help, so just look up a "walkthrough" on Programming, it will really help!
Info: Applies "Well Informed" status to character that used "Walkthrough" for 3 turns. "Well Informed" doubles the damage/potency of all "Creativity" commands and removes "Writer's Block". Can only be used once per battle, even if MP is regained.

Level 8: Well Rested
Support (3 Slots)
Description: Sleep in a bit, you'll be well rewarded for it! You may not get a head start, but you most certainly will catch up!
Info: Applies "Sleepyhead" status to character with support ability. "Sleepyhead" makes it impossible to sneak attack enemies, grants 150% Attack, Defense, M. Attack, M. Defense, Evasion, and Speed, but causes the person with the status to be asleep at the beginning of battle and only I will wake up after 1 turn (25% chance) or 2 turns (75% chance).

"You shall not pass!" -Braev the Templar, Bra(e)vly Default, 2014. Who's Gandalf?
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User Info: TrueJustice123

3 years ago#7

Level 9: Cheat Codes
Support (5 Slots)
Description: Shame on thee! Art thou using cheats!? Shame, shame.
Info: Applies "Cheater" to character. "Cheater" boosts the character's maximum hp and mp by one digit and makes it a multiply of 9 (from anything to 99, anything above 9 to 999, anything above 99 to 9999, anything above 999 to 99999. Also makes "Writer's Block" have a 90% chance of happening. "Writer's Block" cannot happen when using this command.

Level 10: Creative Surge
Not Effected by Silence
Description: A Surge of Creative Power that Demolishes Opponents!
Info: A Group-Targeting Physical Attack that deals 2x the damage of a regular attack to every target.

Level 11: Think More!
Support (3 Slots)
Description: Whenever you get brain blockage, just think even harder than ever! You'll come out better than ever!
Info: Apply "Think" status to character. "Think" makes "Writer's Block" have 100% trigger chance when a command under "Creativity" is attempted to be preformed. A character with "Think" can not attempt to use "Creativity" when in Brave and Vice-Versa. When "Writer's Block" is triggered when a character has "Think" they will use "Thinking" command for two turns and then unleash the originally imputed command with 5x the Potency/Damage.

Level 12/13: Nothing.

Level 14 (9999 AP): BOOM!
Effected by Silence
No Cost
Description: Some people just like to watch the world be obliterated. Create a glitch in the code that causes... This...
Info: 16 Seperate Magical Attacks that deal [whatever element the enemy/ies being targeted is weak to, and if the enemy being hit is not weak to any element, deals non-elemental damage] damage that is equal to 2x the normal damage of a magic attack per hit (so the equivalent of 32 hits). Not effected by "Think" and has a 90% chance of triggering "Writer's Block".

Base Stats:

Equipment Aptitude:
All: B
"You shall not pass!" -Braev the Templar, Bra(e)vly Default, 2014. Who's Gandalf?
Games I'm Playing: 20+ On Steam, FFIV-VI, Cant fit anything else.

User Info: TrueJustice123

3 years ago#8
Also, "Writer's Block" is the Specialty, that's what I meant, also, "Just Think" also makes it so you can not attempt to use "Creativity" when in Brave and Vice-Versa.
"You shall not pass!" -Braev the Templar, Bra(e)vly Default, 2014. Who's Gandalf?
Games I'm Playing: 20+ On Steam, FFIV-VI, Cant fit anything else.

User Info: bwburke94

3 years ago#9
I'd be a Freelancer.
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User Info: Tiamatpeon

3 years ago#10
Stereotypical Awful Employee (Gas station attendant, whoo-hoo)

Passive: Wasted Potential. You gain a new stat: Pessimism. You gain more of it the weaker your equipment is in relative to your overall character level. It affects various abilities.

Lv. 1) "Just until next paycheck!" Gain attack power equal to the first 2 digits of your total money. If both are Zero's, lose 50% Attack Power, but gain 50% P/M Defense.

Lv. 2) The Real World: Tell the enemies how its like in retail. Inflicts Dread on a group of enemies.

Lv. 3) Called in. Get unexpectedly called in to work! Attack first, buffs Pessimism stat for the next 4 turns.

Just a few ideas on a whim. Thought it was chuckle-worthy.
Playing: LoL, TF2, more LoL. And more LoL.
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