When should I do sub-scenarios? (spoilers)

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  3. When should I do sub-scenarios? (spoilers)

User Info: Relle

3 years ago#1
Currently level 25 in chapter 2, I can do four sub-scenarios at this point. The summoner boss kicked my ass, so I'm wondering what a good level/job level is for the various sub-scenarios throughout the game.
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User Info: Externica

3 years ago#2
You should do them as soon as possible.
If mepghilia is too strong, either go grind some levels, set the difficulty lower or go with any other scenario first.
I suggest you do the "hair dye"-scenario first. Its boss is weak to fire and should give you an easier time than the summoner.
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  3. When should I do sub-scenarios? (spoilers)

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