Not too sure what to do...should I restart?

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  3. Not too sure what to do...should I restart?

User Info: Andy525

3 years ago#1
Hi, I am at chapter 4 i think.

Basically my team is messed up:
- Ringabel is tough as a rock but very weak
- Tiz is just fast
- Edea is my powerhouse
- Agnes is my attacker/healer.

I am struggling against bosses now...I went randomly on the job choices and everything and I feel like I should restart the game and start following some guides.

should I continue?

Am at the Vampire now, just met the guy

ps. and now my friends are not playing regularly anymore.
3DS FC {2595-1963-8407} - PSN AndilX
Dragon Dogma Pawn: Maryam - Fighter lv.35 - Pioneer/Scather

User Info: ColtCababa

3 years ago#2
I haven't had a lot of experience with this game, but I am sure of that your base stats increase depending on the Jobs you choose for the characters, so in my best interest, you should've taken note on them and set them in stone. Though I wouldn't immediately restart if I were you. If you're willing to do the time to grind for other Jobs for those stat increases, you should go for it. But otherwise, I might restart at that point.

Again, I'm still a little new to this system.
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User Info: Chipous_McNugg

3 years ago#3
This isn't dragons dogma. Just switch jobs and level them up a bit to raise that job's stats. Vampire is relatively easy to kill using ninja/red mage skills on everyone.

User Info: kriverr

3 years ago#4
If you're just having trouble at the Vampire castle, that's understandable because that place has ridiculously tough enemies for chapter 4. Don't restart, just grind a bit if you're having trouble with bosses.

DeRosso is a hard fight, though, at chapter four. That was the only time in the entire game I had to switch to easy difficulty cause I was a bit underleveled and there's not many good grind spots during chapter 4. So yeah, just train and grind some more.

In case you didn't know already, the higher level a job is, the more powerful it is. Don't just go switching jobs all randomly, cause a job at level 1-4 is basically weak af.
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User Info: alt_reality

3 years ago#5
You're at the point now that you can quickly train new jobs up to at least level 9 if you don't like how you built them. If you can hang tight until Chapter 5, you'll be able to get 999 JP per battle if you know where to grind and that'll make re-grinding your characters up to be a cinch. Comparatively, the time it takes to restart the whole game is going to be much longer than the time it'll take to retrain your characters. Plus, all of the good jobs come in Chapters 3 and 4 (and 6 I guess if you count that as a worthwhile job) so you're fine.
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User Info: JarieSuicune

3 years ago#6
No, don't restart. You won't speed up how fast you take to get anywhere, since you'll have earned about the same JP by that point.

You're actually at the best training spot in the game. Once you get a few select Jobs maxed out, it's easy-street to max the rest there.
The most important Jobs to max out first, somewhat in order:
-Freelancer (+20% JP abilty and Mimic)
-Monk (Pressure Point and overall massive attack stat) or Ninja (Dual Wield with other strong attacks) or Thief (Godspeed Strike with Hayabusa Knife x2 or Silver Axe x2)
-Chemist (Stillness)
-Vampire (Energy Burst; obtained after next battle with Chaugmar/Lester)
-Templar (Rampart) (Rampart is ESPECIALLY needed against Lester...)
-Time Mage (World Haste)
-Superstar (My Boyfriend is a Hero; [+2 BP to whole team, then Mimic it])

If you have any 3DS friends with Bravely Default, you can Abilink them to a character to apply their Job Levels to your character as well! (Gives them all the abilities that player has unlocked for as long as they are Abilinked; useful for getting out of those sticky spots like you are)
If you don't have any... make some! This is the internet!

Admittedly, I don't care to just add anyone, nor expect anyone else to do so either (it can really take the fun out of a game to just go to max level for everything right off as well). But it's worth it to have some 3DS friends anyways! Pokemon X/Y/Omega Sapphire/Alpha Ruby, Bravely Default, and others just get even better with them around!

User Info: Andy525

3 years ago#7
all right, I wont restart then, thanks all for the tips. I am going to start using the abilink and grind a bit.

I have atm like 4 friends playing this, with is just enough to abilink everyone.

Hopefully I get through this bit.
3DS FC {2595-1963-8407} - PSN AndilX
Dragon Dogma Pawn: Maryam - Fighter lv.35 - Pioneer/Scather
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  3. Not too sure what to do...should I restart?

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