Substitute for a Red Mage/Spiritmaster?

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User Info: Dark_Ares

3 years ago#1
Most of my party members are set, but Ringabel has always been this outlier without a super specific goal. I'm in Chapter 5 right now and running him as a Red Mage/Spiritmaster with Pierce M Defense/Slow Parry/Armor Lore. He does decent; Spiritmaster gives me Stillness for emergencies, Fairy Ward amps up my Dark Knight Tiz, and his Red Mage portion lets him revive/heal when Agnes is down or pre-occupied+he dishes out good damage with his spells. Inherent ability to easily get BP on damage is also great.

But I can't get the -aga level spells with Red Mage, and that bothers me. Would Vampire/Spiritmaster be a good alternative? I'd still get heals, but also the higher level spells. But I'm not sure I have the BP to sustain the -aja spells. Alternatively I can maintain the -aga spells with Black Mage/Spiritmaster, but I have no backup healing. And neither of those classes have a Raise or Esuna substitute.

For reference, the rest of my team is:
Tiz Dark Knight/Ninja with Transcience/Comeback Kid/Turn Tables/Absorb P. Damage/Two Handed
Edea Pirate/Sword Fencer with Protect Ally/Absorb P. Damage/Absorb M. Damage/Default Guard/P. Attack+10%
Agnes White Mage/Performer with Save Singing MP/Holy One/Shield Lore
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  3. Substitute for a Red Mage/Spiritmaster?

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