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User Info: bpasser

3 years ago#1
Hey all,

I'm looking to collect the nemesis bosses in this game. The problem is that this nemesis setup is one of the most stupidly designed things I've ever seen in a video game. You can't send nemeses to friends, there is little incentive to update your nemesis send, and most of all during your first playthrough of the game most of the nemeses are so high level that they are impossible without grinding. Then, if you do kill one, you can't send it to anyone else!

That said, due to some good old patience and insanity I have managed to collect most of the nemeses (North American versions only, unless exclusive to other regions) and fight/store them across my systems and data backups.

Are there any streetpass communities centered around trading these bosses? I feel like I would have quite a few to contribute, and that would be the best way to get the couple that I am still missing.

I have the following nemeses. Unless otherwise indicated, these are the first North American releases.

Asmodeus [+]
Ba;al i; Turtle Dove [-]
Ba'al i; Turtle Dove
Ba'al i; Turtle Dove [+]
Ba'al iv; Goldie [-]
Ba'al iv; Goldie
Ba'al iv; Goldie [+]
Beelzebub [+]
Belphegor [-]
Be Mine; White Fox
Cutie Pi; Wooly Bull
Early Spring; Teddy
Kamiizumi (Japanese exclusive)
Leviathan [-]
Lucifer [+]
Mammon (European, with Ether steal)
Mammon (Japanese, with Elixir steal)
Mammon [+]
Pollywog pg (Level 1 with 2 HP per enemy on normal mode)
Pollywog pg (Level 2 with 2 HP per enemy on normal mode)
Satan [+]
Still No Vacation
Tax on the Cupid
Working Overtime

I still need the following.

Beelzebub Alpha (Japanese leaked boss Level 56)
Mammon (original North American release 2/15/2014-2/17/2014)
Pollywog pg (Level 1 with 1 HP per enemy on normal mode)
Versions of Belphegor and Ba'al iv Goldie which do/do not drop experience from additional summoned creatures

So is anyone else in the same boat as me? Is anyone interested in a nemesis trade? I live in St. Louis, MO, in case anybody is nearby.
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