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User Info: MilaxMinium

3 years ago#1
Sorry, noob question, but I just started this game and am really confused about how jobs work

So, like, say I want to have a Templar/White Mage as my final class for Tiz. If I make him a White Mage now, max that class, and then turn him into a Templar later once I unlock it, would I lose all of my white magic skills? If not, how would I be able to use them - would they all be saved under "special" when I'm attacking?

So in that case, would it make sense to like...switch into a bunch of job classes and unlock those skills so that I can use them all, like go Spell Fencer -> Dark Knight -> Vampire, etc (not necessarily those classes, I'm just throwing them together as an example) and then still be able to use all the SF, DK, and Vamp skills if I'm a Templar? Or is there a max amount of skills you can have?


User Info: MilaxMinium

3 years ago#2
Oh and sorry to post again, but say I was a white mage, switched to templar, and then decided I wanted my main to be white mage again because of stats - if I changed back to white mage, would I like...have to relearn all of the skills/level up the job again if it was maxed before, or no?

User Info: Tables

3 years ago#3
I'm a little confused. You seem to know a lot about lategame jobs, but not how they work at all? What gives? Seen a friend playing or something? I assume it wasn't from looking at a guide, since if you were, you would just find all the information there but ehh.

Switching jobs doesn't reset your level. It's encouraged for you to switch jobs regularly actually, to unlock lots of different skills and abilities that you can combine with other jobs.

You're limited to a number of equipped support abilities at a time, but you can switch them around freely from all the ones you've unlocked. Again, the more you unlock, the more options you have and the more easily you can switch in specific abilities to deal with particular bosses (e.g. if a certain boss keeps killing you with fire attacks, you might want to equip Black Mage's Abate Fire on everyone to reduce the damage, then switch it off to something else after the battle).
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User Info: alt_reality

3 years ago#4
Somebody's been playing too much Final Fantasy Dimensions...

There is no limit to the number of abilities and job levels you can gain. You pick your current job and then you pick the skillset of active abilities from one other job you have leveled and that is the extent of things you can do in battle (aside from Special Attacks which come from your currently equipped weapon/s and your inventory which is usable through the Items command). You get up to five passive slots which you can equip any passive abilities you have learned from any job.
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User Info: Niwashi

3 years ago#5
While you're still at the beginning, don't worry about what job you'll use at endgame. Every job has its own level (which is why job level is tracked separately, and based on Job Points, as opposed to character level based on Experience Points). You'll want to level up each of them through the first few levels anyway, regardless of what you end up using at the end, because each offers some useful passive abilities. Starting at about job level 10, it takes quite a bit longer to gain each job level, so that's where I'd recommend splitting up and specializing each character into following a couple favorite jobs.

So at first, just focus on getting all your jobs up to level 9 on all your characters. If you want, you can set intermediate goals before that, like I started by trying to get everything to 7 first, then once I'd reached that (on the jobs I had so far) I extended it to getting everything to 9.

Once the jobs you've unlocked so far are all up to 9, choose a couple favorites to continue for each character. As you unlock additional jobs, take a break from that to get the new job to catch up with the others at 9 and consider whether or not you want to switch specialties to extend it further.

Eventually, you'll reach a point when your two specialties (which will be your primary job and sub-job for late-game boss fights) are maxed out at 14 while all others are at 9. Now any Job Points you earn are wasted while your currently equipped main job is maxed out, so it's time to go back and bring a few other jobs up through those later levels, prioritizing ones that will give the best passive skills. (You might want to switch to your specialties during the more difficult boss fights, but for the random encounters you deal with the rest of the time, equip whichever one you're currently leveling. And make at least an attempt at completing boss fights with the leveling job, too, since boss fights reward a lot of JP, and it's a shame to waste that.)

breadth first (all jobs to level 9)
then depth (a couple jobs per character to 14)
then breadth again (finishing off the rest)

At least that's what I'm doing and what I'd recommend.
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