She's kicking my ass... (End game spoilers)

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User Info: neoblue107

3 years ago#1
So I'm fighting Airy's fairy form in the true ending and it's completely destroying me. I can usually manage on her first two "rounds", but after the second time she's healed herself, she starts to use that Acedia and Zeta Flame combo three times in a row with no breaks, and my team can't withstand it. Is there an easily applicable strategy for beating this thing? :c
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User Info: Sailor_Nemesis

3 years ago#2
Because she can only do that every two turns (as it costs BP), you can always use Stillness to negate the damage.
Also, cheap but whatever: High Jump Spam on everyone while being a good bit faster than she is.
Summoning a strong friend for that final phase is also an option.
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User Info: Misha-Heart

3 years ago#3
Put on Slow World and have a BP battery(probably Performer). She can't use Acedia+Zeta Flame if she doesn't have 1 BP.
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User Info: FFFanatic1234

3 years ago#4
I got Unscathed in that fight.

Arcanist/Red Mage.
Group Cast (from Black Mage)
BP Recovery (on ALL your characters. Also, make sure none resist Poison)
Status Ailment Amp

Withering Wripple to lower her Sleep resistance, then put her to sleep. Make sure someone else has Slow World. In the turns you're not Wrippling+Sleeping, spam Poison and Esuna on your party for all the BP. Keep her asleep for a few turns to run her BP down down down. Then unload your attacks.

I used two Dark Knights myself.
Blood Blade(s) for Drain Sword.
BP Up to reach +4
Someone uses Low Leverage.
Rage x4 from both Dark Knights.

My 4th character was a Salve Maker to induce a Dark weakness outside the Wripple and for Element Amping.

Airy died without ever getting a turn.
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User Info: FoolsYaFool

3 years ago#5
I have the cheat code for this game. I blasted through every fight since using it with Unscathed even the final boss.

Dark Knight/Monk

Pirate/Spell Fencer


SpiritMaster/White Mage

The strategy is a simple one as long as you have the right set up. Each character's speeds are important. Have Ringabell be the fastest. Have Tiz be the 2nd fastest and have Agnes 3rd fastest and have Edea slowest but make sure they are all faster than your opponent. To do this I gave Ringabell Hermes Shoes, Tiz Hermes Sandals and [Thief]Speed 10%+, Anges Hermes Sandals, and Edea [Thief]Speed 10%+

At the start of the match use

>[Monk]Phoenix Flight
>[Dark Knight]Minus Strike
>[Dark Knight]Minus Strike
>[Dark Knight]Minus Strike

>[Pirate]Mass Attack
(You can throw in some Amped Strikes if you have the extra MP or use sword magic if you your opponent has a weakness)

Agnes: ( I gave Agnes the support ability [Time Mage]Hasten World )
[White Mage]Curaga (For Ringabell who should only have 1 HP right now)
[Spiritmaster] Fairy Ward

>[Swordmaster]Free Lunch
>[Spiritmaster]Convert BP
>[Spiritmaster]Convert BP

The idea is to cause all your damage with Tiz and Ringabell and then let Agnes’ Fairy ward to stop status ailments and heal and Edea’s Stillness to stop damage. By the time Stillness is up Tiz and Ringabell should have enough BP to do their part again and just have Edea and Agnes redo their part whenever Stillness or Fairy Ward ends. If you can attack while Stillness is still up just Default ‘til it’s over. You do damage but take no damage or status ailments…. EVER. Full proof and completely broken. Rinse and repeat ‘til opponent dies. Only downside is the game is too easy.
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