Why is the demo so hard?

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User Info: terraXnort

3 years ago#1
I wanted to buy the game, but changed my mind after i played the demo. Is the real game really that hard?

User Info: Yonimaru

3 years ago#2
the demo is pathetically easy compared to the main game.

it's mostly about strategy all around though. :)

healing magic also seems to be only good magic too.
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User Info: terraXnort

3 years ago#3
I cant even beat a monster in a random battle. What am i doing wrong?

User Info: blowtrees

3 years ago#4
Most if not all random battles prioritize using Brave x3 and spamming your most powerful attacks. At the beginning that usually means equipping your best weapons and using stomp over and over again.

Do your best to exploit weaknesses, many of the enemies early on are weak to fire. Later on you gain the ability to cast any elemental weakness you want on any monster.

Then you get to the first crystal boss and quickly learn you cannot Brave x3 through the entire game.
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User Info: Natwaf_akidna

3 years ago#5
Hmm... demo...

IIRC, the enemies near the Wind Crystal place is the best place to grind. Should be to the southwest. They're weak to thunder.
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User Info: Rubedo_URTV_666

3 years ago#6
What difficulty are you playing on? That might be the problem. The place you are might also be the problem. I remember playing the demo on Hard, and going into the cave system to the far west (I believe it was) right from the off. I was murdered directly.

The demo isn't hard, but I will say that for those who don't know what they are doing, it can have its challenges. The difference in Level and power of the monsters from area to area is certainly more dramatic in the demo. Like I said, I believe if you go straight to the area to the west (or maybe it was to the south) of the main Town in the demo right from the off, you are in for a short life. You have to spend some time leveling up around the outside of the town first.

Also, there are several quests I believe that can be completed by just walking around the town (without getting into battle). I would do those quests first.

Next, I believe the demo starts you out with some money and equipment (I forget what jobs it starts you with). Before I venture outside, I would buy the Spells that are for sale and diversify my Party Jobs. Maybe 2 Swordmasters, a Red Mage, and a Ninja? Red Mage should be able to provide all the healing you need in battle if you start by staying just outside the city. When you need to heal outside of battle, change one of the other people to a Red Mage, heal everyone, then change them back. This will save you MP on your actual Red Mage and save you trips to the Inn.

I would research the glitch that allows you to get tons of NPCs for your Norende Village. That way you can completely reconstruct it and have something to transfer to the real game if you decide to get it.

The Quests (the people with Blue Thought Bubbles on the Map) in the demo aren't that hard to complete, so I would finish them. Some of the Bubbles only appear at night, so if you have some you can't find, wait outside for the sun to set then look back in the city.

I believe I hunted around the outside of the town until I was level 5 or so. Then I went to the area to the far west (the caves). The first floor of that place should get you a little further, but the last floor has another difficulty jump so be careful when you decide to move down there.

If I am not mistaken there is also an area to the south of the Town, and that area had the hardest enemies (and a big difficulty jump in relation to the other areas). I believe all the jobs (7 I think) cap at level 4 or 5, so it shouldn't take to long to master them all, which I would recommend doing before going to the final area. If your Norende isn't complete with a population of at least 20, all the jobs mastered, all spells and best equipment bought, and all Blue Bubble Quests completed before you go to the final area then do them now.

Completing all of the above will give you bonus items at the start of the real game most of which is crap (but useful at the very beginning), as well as a starting population of up to 20 (if you got up to 20 in the demo through that glitch I mentioned) in Norende (which is VERY useful in the beginning of the real game).

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask. Don't give up on this game. I did when I bought it too. I played the demo, bought the game, and let it sit for 3 months before I forced myself to pick it up again. Once I forced myself to play it for a few hours, I suddenly found I was hooked and stayed with it until the end (clocking over 100 hours and multiple New Game +'s to unlock everything).

It is worth it. I can even add you as a friend when you get the real game to give you a massive leg up in the beginning :).
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User Info: terraXnort

3 years ago#7
Thanks guys, i realized that my party were all freelancers..

User Info: silktail

3 years ago#8
Why is the demo so hard?

It was based off the final demo in Japan (for the original BD:FF release.) So I imagine we did miss some of those useful battle tutorials.

Otherwise it crams roughly 3 chapters worth of levels, into 3 dungeons worth of enemies.

To ease you in, the initial quests basically get you grinding on the world map. (Note that using Brave 4 times can work quite well for these "easy" enemies.)
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