Worst member of your party?

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3 years ago#1
I'm on the end of chapter 5. All characters are level 86.

Tiz is easily the worst member of my party. Until basically the end of chapter 4 I had Tiz as Monk, Agnes as White Mage, Ringabel as Black Mage, and Edea as Knight. I've been mastering more classes now but if anyone gets KO'd its Tiz.
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User Info: almostexactly

3 years ago#2
My Agnes was the last character to get Monk (because I didn't change her from Thief for a long time because I thought it looked the best on her). My whole earlygame gameplan kinda relied on Monk (or Knuckle Lore) so she had an iffy niche to fill. Steal and use Misc to throw Treats sometimes. She was bad for such a long time, but I can't resist stealing.

Ringabel was my designated Merchant (I like the top hat!) but since my other characters weren't using weapons, he'd get the Bow. Couldn't wear shields if he used a bow so he folded like a paper bag but it was respectable damage!

User Info: Raka_Putra

3 years ago#3
I think Ringabel...

He was really good during midgame but turned to be a support character for the final chapters.
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User Info: EnderX_19

3 years ago#4
Hmm that's tough. I'd Say Edea Right now.

Tim was awesome early game as a monk, then fell off midgame until now where he is a pirate/valkyrie and my main sweeper for mobs. Edea was good when tiz fell off because of spell fencer which was op midgame and my main damage. Agnes was always a very useful healer and now as a vampire/spiritmaster she's even better.

And ringabel has been my mage, and was always kinda unpleasant because he ended dungeons with no mana and required tons of ethers. But now with exterminate he's godly again. Except against dark enemies.

But edea is just playing a rough role as my knight/performer making her a tanky BP battery for boss fights. But her damage is meh and if she runs out of mana she kinda sucks.

User Info: ZeroJinKui

3 years ago#5
hard to say... it REALLY depends on the conditions in battle, because it changes depending on whats going on.

i have my party set up in a way that can cover various different situations, so depending on what kinda battle im dealing with, any of my characters can become the "useless one", or just a simple support member, but there is always a situation in which any one of them can become the star of the show.
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User Info: bahamut920

3 years ago#6
Let's see...

Tiz is a Ninja with Sword Magic. Good damage, but he's somewhat reliant on Agnes (just like in the plot amirite? :P) unless the enemy naturally has a weakness. Hasn't hit the damage cap yet on any one strike (4-5k is average after weakness is applied), but Dual Wield means double the fun.

Agnes is a Performer with Medication. She buffs, heals, and creates weaknesses for Tiz and Ringabel to exploit. When she has a spare turn or two, she tosses Shadowflares (which the boss is usually weak to by then, because Ringbel likes Dark weaknesses).

Ringabel is a Dark Knight with Sword Magic. He casts Drain, then spams Black Bane. He can hit the damage cap on a good day, but normally hovers around the 5-7k mark. Very tough to kill, considering he heals his max HP every time he attacks, and usually has his attack and defenses buffed to maximum thanks to Adversity.

Edea is a Swordmaster with Piracy. She uses Free Lunch, followed by Amped Strike. The only one to hit the damage cap with any regularity (she does 8-10k on average), but she has to spend one of her Braves each time to do it, so her damage might average slightly lower than Tiz or Ringabel in the end. I used to keep trying to force her into the "Tank" role, and I tried several variations (Swordmaster+Pirate for Provoke, Utsusemi+Transience "Dodge/Counter tank", etc.), but it didn't really seem to work much, so when I got Free Lunch I switched her back to Swordmaster/Pirate. Maybe I'll try the "Dodge tank" again when I have her Ninja level high enough for Kairai, so I don't have to waste anybody else's turn "feeding" her.

For random mobs, I either have Agnes Compounding bombs, or everyone switches their secondary command over to Acrobatics and spams Crescent Strike.

I've been considering switching Tiz over to a Vampire, making Agnes a BP battery, and messing with Edea's setup. The over all weakest, though, I'm not really sure right now. My gut says Tiz, but my gut might be being fooled by Ringabel's and Edea's higher (but less frequent) damage numbers.

User Info: Externica

3 years ago#7
My worst member was the one who had the black mage or summoner job.
Both jobs drain MP like crazy and until chapter 6 the only way to refresh is buying expensive ether.

Otherwise - fair game. Though Edea was behind the XP thanks to her joining a bit later and I believe she was dead after two or three bosses were killed. So no XP.

User Info: stephanieisit

3 years ago#8
End of Ch.5, my Tiz is a Ranger with Sword Magic. Level 72. He does about approximately 7,000-9,000 damage per turn and rarely dies.

User Info: Natwaf_akidna

3 years ago#9
They're pretty much the same in the end.

However, I'm going to say Agnes, because of the weird way I play the game. Basically, each character can only use jobs that have their picture in the Encyclopedia.

Come end game though, Agnes is the foundation of my party. Though again, I can just shift her role to somebody else.
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